We Gotta Lotter Otters

Okay, we got punny with the title because, see….there are a lot of otters on the webs because it is International Otter Awareness Day. Lota …lotter…

Oh, never mind….

Anyway, it’s International Otter Awareness Day and we love otters so we’ve got a video for you taken last July behind Camel Rock in Trinidad by M. Sid Kelly. (See another of his otter videos we featured before here.) 

Below we’ve got a few photos by Kym Kemp taken at the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

This area is otterly delightful… .




Video by M. Sid Kelly, a local fish biologist and author. Check out his SciFi books here as well as his factual book, Tigerfish!

If you’ve got a nature photo or video to share, send it to mskymkemp@gmail.com.



  • Gorgeous! I love these critters to bits, but used to have to scare them off my pond. They’d swim up the feeder stream occasionally and raid my pond. There were wood duck nests upstream just enough to almost be stream again instead of pond, and I didn’t want the otters eating the duck’s babies. So I’d shoot off to the side of them enough so they were sure they better get out of there. Broke my heart because I really wanted them to just take up permanent residence in my pond so I could see them every day, but… the little matter of how they eat EVERYTHING that’s not nailed down just cannot be gotten around.

    I figured it would be better for them in the long term anyway, maybe make them a little more leery of the proximity of human habitation so they didn’t end up getting shot, because, truly, I adore these little buggers to bits.

  • I remember back in 2010 a professor of mine said that there hasn’t been Sea Otters in Humboldt County for many years, I never thought I’d see them back so soon!

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