Brush Fire Behind the Mall

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According to scanner traffic, at approximately 1 p.m., Humboldt Bay Fire was sent to fight a brush fire behind Kohl’s at the Bayshore Mall. Only one truck is currently there.

11267141_794478527325772_1359928689_nPhotos provided by Adam Gray creator of the Awesome Sauce Facebook page.




  • was it last summer that burned as well?..set by a firebug who was turned over to EPD by the homefree campers there.

    The fireboat ran up on the bank and covered the whole area back to the road and fence, a pretty amazing boat.

    Maybe this is Mill’s promised ‘two weeks’ notice?

  • Isn’t that the same place that’s been raided a half a dozen times for guns and assaults and other nonsense. Where the urban backpackers dwell? How far is this from the Devils playground?

    • Stephen Walker

      That is Devil’s Playground there’s numerous entrances to Devil’s Playground only 1 gets you direct access to it that’s behind Walmart where the green power boxes are

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