NPR Posts Glamour Shots of Buds

As seen on NPR. [Created by Erik Christiansen the photographer of Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana]

Two things. No… make that three.

NPR is posting glamour shots of marijuana buds. (!!! Yes, We’re talking NPR not High Times!) Can marijuana flowers finally be getting the recognition they deserve?

A coffee table book exists (that NPR reviewed) of nothing but pretty pictures of buds and what the effects of each strain might be. (We’re guessing this is highly subjective.)

And, we know this is obvious but—wow, pretty, frosty bud with deep rust colored hairs. Dang, now that even NPR is showing off buds like this, will buyers finally get over their hang ups about the dark brown hairs?



  • Can’t we all just get along long enough to stop calling cannabis ‘marijuana’? I don’t even know what that term means. (Mary, John?)

    And, as long as I am ranting I might as well rave: NPR is a radio network. How am I supposed to listen to “glamour shots of buds” over the radio, exactly? They should call it CPR for Continental Public Radio ‘cos they’re giving me a heart attack!

    • Marijuana is an English derivation of the original Mexican-Spanish word, Marihuana. That it became popularized in the early Twentieth Century due to Harry J. Anslinger’s rabid racism and prohibition is as important as how the meaning has changed with usage and acceptance since then.

      Personally I love all the names for the plant and use them interchangeably. The different names come with nuances that flavor the context of whatever the writer or speaker is saying in much the same way a chef flavors her dishes. That there are so many names for the Latin word “cannabis” shows the diversity of the plant and the ever-broadening cultures associated with it. I hope we never sanitize and force political correctness on the weed, lest we forget our history and the hard lessons it has tried to teach us.

  • I’m going to stretch here and say that the founding father of Normalization of Pot in the mainstream consciousness of our society is Dr. Sanjay Gupta. His WEED specials on CNN have broken the dam. Now TIME magazine and National Geographic have just done cover stories on the good things about pot. Now we have just had two solid red states, Tennessee and Texas pass Cannabis oil laws, both states that have been deeply anti-pot. They did it because the politicians can’t afford the ill will generated if they deny medicine to sick children. Yeah, both states didn’t set up production and distribution of the oil, but the movement is still good. We’ll never go back.

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