Feel the Quake?


Shared from the Facebook page of the US National Weather Service in Eureka. (What? You haven’t liked it? Go do that now. You’ll keep up with the latest information on things that affect our area.)

A 4.3 earthquake patted the coast west of Fortuna at 3:17 a.m.

We’ve had a few smaller ones lately. Here’s the latest including the one this morning.Capture



  • The dog sleeps on the foot of our bed, so it’s hard to determine between earthquakes and dog quakes.

  • I did. Faintly. Just momentarily. Desk chair seemed to wobble a quick left right and then nothing. I was in the middle of finding ways to ignore that my night’s sleep at turned out only to be a few hours’ nap….

  • Evie Gustafson

    It woke me up from a sound sleep. It was a nice little rumble that lasted a little while. Guessed it to be about 4.3 and went back to sleep because that is how we roll.

  • Something woke me up near FortDick three-ish

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