Free Cannabis for Veterans Today, Says Local Non-Profit Director


This Memorial Day, free weed for veterans, says a local non-profit.

Kind Solutions, a medical cannabis delivery collective, wants to help our nation’s former warriors by providing free cannabis to those with medical paperwork.

Although veterans make up just 7% of society, it is believed they make up at least 20% of all suicides in the United States. Various groups have stepped forward to assist with veteran’s issues.

Robert Gale says his organization, Kind Solutions, has been working with Loompa Farms, a group led by a veteran, to put together a Weed 4 Warriors Project (W4WP) chapter in Humboldt County. The W4WP began last year. Their site says they advocate for veterans to use medical marijuana “without any discrimination or unjust actions against the Veteran.”

In addition, Robert Gale of Kind Solutions, a medical cannabis delivery collective, says that W4WP offers meeting places for veterans. He says the group has meetings and “puts together gift bags of medicine that have been donated. It’s a chance for people to get together and share their stories.”

Meanwhile, though, Gale said, Kind Solutions isn’t letting Memorial Day pass without honoring our nation’s veterans. Today, any veteran with a “card from the V.A. and a 215  can fill out some membership paperwork” and get free cannabis.  “Super easy,” he explained but “not Domino’s Pizza fast…We take time … with new patients to explain and show medicines and get to know them….We believe in compassion not competition. We’re here to help anybody that we can.”

Gale says that Kind Solutions offers “a  22% discount every day all day to veterans because of the estimated 22 veteran suicides every day but no veteran will ever be turned away for lack of money.”

Some of the cannabis products are non-psychoactive, Gale explained. The collective, he said, offers tinctures from Golden Dragon for instance. “We have some veterans that don’t like the psychoactive effect [they get from high THC products] but they get benefits from the cannabinoids for Crohn’s Disease.”

Kind Solutions, Gale explained, isn’t only about veterans. He said that it offers cannabis to a wide variety of patients. The delivery only membership collective operates from Fortuna to McKinleyville. They are a licensed non-profit. “Our goal is literally to set a new standard for what marijuana price and quality could be,” said Robert Gale. “We’re working directly with edible makers and growers.” Often, he explained, his organization helps “facilitate the exchange between patients–some trade smoke for edibles and some trade edibles for smoke.”

Gale became involved with cannabis when, following a skiing accident, he was in a lot of pain. “Cannabis medicine got me off almost all opiate medicine.” Because of his experience, he knew that patients often find it difficult to leave their house. So a delivery service offered a way to help. “We also get a lot of people after six when other places close,” Gale said.

Today, Gale said, because it’s Memorial Day, “I’ve got a few members that are veterans that I’m going to drop by their house and surprise them.”



  • it would be nice to see this compassionate program in delnorte county we only have one co-op and they are not compassionate cost is too much for a vet! Edibles edibles

  • Kirk, if you ever find yourself down in McKinleyville, Arcata, Eureka, give us a call! We meet people from out of the area on a regular basis. We have a member in Crescent City that comes down as well. We offer 22% off to all Veterans, all day, every day. We stock Spectrum Edibles and SpaceGem Candies.

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