Drowning Near Hoopa

Cal Fire has confirmed that multiple agencies have responded to a drowning in the Trinity River near Hoopa off of Pine Creek Road not far from the Transfer station. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is the lead agency on the call. Cal Fire has dispatched Hoopa Ambulance, Willow Creek Fire and Salyer Fire. A hovercraft from Salyer Fire is responding, too. This craft can hover slightly above the river water and allow for easier rescues and recoveries.

Details of the victim are not yet in. Preliminary information from the scanner indicates that the body may be in an eddy near the rodeo grounds.

UPDATE 8:56 p.m.: The search has been suspended until tomorrow.

This has been a busy weekend for Cal Fire. Everything from mental health calls and suicides to medical emergencies and a stabbing (we’re working on a story about this.) Not to mention Cal Fire dispatches many of the resources to incidents like these. 




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