Couple Rescued This Morning From Accident Near Smith River

dr car 5Facebook information from the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page:

At about 830 this morning, the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office received information regarding stranded and possibly injured motorists near the area of Smith River. It was reported the occupants of the vehicle lost control of their automobile and were somewhere off the roadway. They were new to the area and unable to give a specific location.

One of the occupants of the vehicle was able to climb out and locate a mile post marker nearby. He then relayed that information to the trapped occupant inside the SUV and she was communicating with dispatch. Commander Tim Athey and Deputy Neal Oilar were the first people to arrive on scene. They were able to locate the driver and the trapped passenger. The vehicle was not visible from the roadway.

Del Norte Search and Rescue was requested as the injured passenger was unable to remove herself from the damaged vehicle. They responded quickly and with great numbers. They were able to utilize their training, staff and equipment to safely remove the injured passenger so she could receive a medical transport and treatment.

Del Norte Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher Malinda Wiley did a great job providing all responding units with the information they needed while communicating with the stranded and injured motorists during this critical and stressful situation.

A special thanks goes to the California Highway Patrol, Smith River Volunteer Fire Department, Del Norte Ambulance and all other involved agencies for their timely responses and assistance.

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dr car6Photos provided by the Del Norte Sheriff’s Office via Facebook.




  • Best to get enough coffee in you before you wander out around these parts.

    Seems I slept through all manner of commotion this morning. Somebody even came and left a flyer inside my mudroom and I didn’t hear it! For someone who never sleeps, when I do fall asleep, it’s ridiculous to wake me back up.

    Glad everyone seems to have come out of this in one piece.

  • Oh, crikey. I need some aspirin now. Shouldn’t’ve looked at their TwitFace page. Evidently there is something wrong with showing the rescued woman… and the purpose of posting about it at all was to boast of a job well done.

    “The point of this post wasn’t to be disrespectful or launch a debate regarding capturing images of a public incident. Let’s focus on a job well done. The pictures involving the rescued passenger have been removed. Thank you again to all that helped.” — sez our new sheriff.

    I’ve been a zen mistress too long. This is ludicrous. First it’s sending a SWAT team after a couple of no-account car thieves. Next it’s every emergency vehicle from a fifty-mile radius for something that never gets reported about at all. Now it’s only posting stuff for pats on the back.

    I’m too old.


      Your land needs a 50% increase in taxes to cover the pension and reason to exist. Vote it down and you’ll make the red list….

  • ooooppppsssieee whhhooppssiieee mmmmuuuuuhhhmmuuusssieee

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