Honor Your Heroes and Enjoy a Great Party

Honor your heroes, folks, they don’t ask much.

Our local volunteer firefighters train on weekends and after long days of work to be prepared to help you if you need them. Then, they work together to throw community parties that everyone can enjoy and which raise money for to buy equipment.

Saturday is Redway Fire Department’s annual BBQ (the 44th one!)  Chief Brian Anderson says he enjoys the get-together. “We always look forward to the event. It is like Redway’s reunion. There are a lot of folks that come from out of town that come in for the BBQ.”

So come join the party and help your local firefighters help you. (Note: In the past year, we’ve seen Redway Fire engines and water tenders at Blocksburg fires, Briceland area fires and Miranda area fires. Redway Fire serves more than just Redway.)

PS: We hear there is gong to be live music, too.

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  • Kym
    Thank-you for the nice announcement. After 44 years the department has quite a fan club for their barbecue. For me it’s fun to get back together with the firefighters and talk about the big ones and remember our heroes that have been members and passed on, either in life or death. We laugh about our first few barbecues, when we dug our own barbecue pits every year. Mal Coombs, one of our local lumber barons, used to donate a buffalo yearly, and we had a hunting party to Red Mountain where we would take and field dress the buffalo. One year we built a mile of fence on the Island Mountain Ranch in exchange for a young steer, which we also had to slaughter and cut-up ourselves. At some point we figured out that we could just buy USDA beef from our local market. We now still get USDA pork and beef but we get it through the restaurant of one of the members.

    We have also refined the cooking process. Originally, we would just wrap the meat in cheese cloth, parchment paper, and a wet burlap sack. We would then cover the pit with roofing tin, and 6″ of slit. It would cook for ten hours, then it would be dug up and served. It would come out with a great smoky flavor but would lose most of the juices. Now we rub the meat with salt and spices, wrap it with cheese cloth, 3 yards of aluminum foil, and wet burlap, then drop it on two cords of white hot Madrone coals. The wet burlap quenches the fire, while we place lids over the, now, firebrick lined pits. The lids remove the oxygen so the pits stay incredibly hot without burning anything. (Science) We then cover the lids with the standard 6″ of silt that seals and insulates the pits. The meat comes out moist, juicy and succulent.

    If you will come to the barbecue, Saturday May 23, noon ‘ti 7:00pm, we will gladly give you a tour of our cooking process. This barbeque is a fine example of how well firefighters can control fire to their benefit.

  • Also, the Redway barbecue has quite an Irish following. They serve Guinness beer among the other beers wines and liquid refreshments.

    The band will be a local favorite: “Twango Macallan”. The band members are great story tellers, both in music, and verbiage. Hopefully they will sing “The Ballad of Twango Macallan”, the song explains the story of the bands founding member.

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