Benbow Eaglet–6 Weeks Old

The Benbow eaglet is now over six weeks old. For the last week, it has been learning to tear its own food instead of waiting for its parents to feed it. Nestlings have voracious appetites because they are growing at a tremendous speed. Weight varies for eaglets at this age but it could be anywhere between six to nine pounds.

For the next few weeks, the young bird will be strengthening its wings by flapping them. By 10 weeks, it will become a fledgling and begin learning to fly.

Check out the changing feathers in this growing bird. Below are links that let you quickly see how the chick has changed from a fluffy ball to a feathered nestling getting ready to fly.

Earlier Chapters:

Thanks again to Ann Constantino for her video footage. If you have photos or video you would like to share send them to


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