64-Year-Old Woman and Dog Found After Night in Woods


Press release provided by Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office:

On 5-19-2015 around 11:00 PM Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the 31000 block of Airport Road in Fort Bragg for a missing person.  Deputies were advised that a 64 year old female had gone for a walk, in the nearby woods with her dog, around 6:30 PM but did not return.  Deputies searched the area but due to the dense pygmy forest were unable to locate the missing person.

On the morning of 5-20-2015 the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Unit was contacted and responded to the location.  A request for other agencies to assist was coordinated by the California Office of Emergency Services.  Through Cal OES the California Rescue Dog Association was contacted to respond with trained Search and Rescue K9s.  Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue was also contacted and were responding.

During the initial search a member of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Chaplains group overheard someone calling for help in the wooded area near where the missing person was last scene.  Search and Rescue members responded to the area.  Around 9:08 AM the missing person was found in a very dense area of woods.  She was cold and had lost one of her shoes but was otherwise in very good condition.  She was assisted out of the area by members of Search and Rescue and Fort Bragg Fire Department.

After a medical evaluation the missing person and her dog were transported to a nearby residence and released.

The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES), California Rescue Dog Association (CARDA), Lake County Search and Rescue, Fort Bragg Fire, and Mendocino Coast District Hospital Ambulance members.



  • Yes!!a Happy ending.god bless and take care

  • Wow. I’m glad she is ok. It could have ended so badly.

  • I am completely unsatisfied by this press release… and unhappy she had to spend the night in the cold when some full grown men and women with good flashlights could have found her easily enough the night before. The pygmy is dense, but obviously wasn’t too dense for her to get in or for them to get her out. And the way this was worded it sounds as though the deputies could hear her calling for help that night, but waited for morning to call in every rescue operation they could think of.

    I’m glad she’s okay, but this is an aggravating excuse for a press release… and rescue….

    • Nines, they didn’t hear her last night.

      • Yes, I’m not supposing they did, but the wording of the release makes it seem that way. She must’ve been having a psychotic episode and afraid when they came at night or surely she’d’ve been calling for help then. But I don’t think it’s too nosy of me to want a better report from them on this.

        Did someone frighten her into hiding? Maybe even someone from home? Did the dog run off? Was she bonked on the head and dragged into the pygmy? Are we talking accident, abusive husband, stranger attack, confusion, what?

        And, again, I’m glad she’s okay, but is she really?

        • I think the probable answer to that is that she was not in the original search area so she didn’t hear the searchers.

        • “‘During the initial search’ a member of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Chaplains group overheard someone calling for help in the wooded area near where the missing person was last scene.” Yeah, it sure does make it sound like it was last night. And, last “seen.”

  • Yeah for a good outcome! Scary situation!

  • I bet she was looking for the Teddy Bears’ picnic! (In point of fact, what are commonly assumed to be Teddy Bears are actually Ewoks dancing among the pigmy forest. When they grow up to become Wookies, they picnic and dance among the Redwood forests. True story!)

  • Thank you for having Mendocino county news. I glad she made it back safely. My feeling is that she was a visitor who got lost. I guess her dog didn’t have any Lassie training but was a comforting companion.

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