Big Rig Rollover Near Willits, Long Traffic Delays on 101

Press release provided by the California Highway Patrol:

CHP Patrick Alan Byers was driving his 2016 Peterbilt truck tractor and trailer, hauling a load of dry foods, N/B on US-101 just north of Monica Lane, approaching Willits Ca. Byers diverted his attention from the road to put his coffee in the cup holder. Byers felt his truck start to pull. Byers looked back to the road ahead and noticed he had traveled onto the right shoulder. Byers attempted to steer the truck and trailer back onto the roadway. While making the turning movement Byers felt the trailer start to tip over which then pulled the truck tractor onto its side. The truck tractor and trailer came to rest on the right shoulder and within the lane of US-101 N/B. Byers extricated himself from the truck and only received minor injuries as a result of this collision.

Ukiah CHP Sergeant Danley reports N/B US-101 just south of Willits is partially blocked and is currently affecting traffic. Expect 20-30 minute traffic delays for both N/B and S/B traffic until clean up is completed. Delays are expected until approximately 1000 hours.

Ukiah CHP would like to remind motorists that driving is a complex task, requiring a motorist’s full attention. Anything that diverts the driver’s eyes or attention from the roadway, even for 1-2 seconds, could result in tragedy.
The bottom line, whatever the distraction, “It’s Not Worth It!”


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  • Bunch of trash all over the side of the road! What was he hauling??
    It’s just about clear now,..

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