Myers Flat Woman Arrested on Homicide Charges

Last Friday, Melissa Munsell, age 29, of Myers Flat was arrested on homicide and other charges related to a vehicle accident which occurred in January of this year. Munsell was driving about 8 p.m. on the 13th of that month when her Nissan SUV went off the road and hit a tree. The passenger, Kasandra Hillaire, of Myers Flast was pronounced dead at the scene. In addition, Munsell suffered what the California Highway Patrol termed “major injuries.”

At the time, a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol stated, “Drug impairment does appear to be a factor in this collision.” However, the spokesperson added, “The passenger of Nissan SUV was not properly safety belted… .”

When Munsell was arrested just before 8 p.m. on May 15, she was also booked on charges of grand theft and driving on a suspended license.

melissa Munsell
Hillaire, just 21 years old, left behind a young child.

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  • Why is the arrest coming 4 months later?

  • Actually at about 8:00 pm on Jan, 13, 2015 the girls wrecked and they didn’t go over the side they ran into an imbankment at the end of mile marker 34 just before the HoneyDew over pass. My BabyGirl was pronounced dead at 8:30 pm.

    • Rest In Peace Our Sweet Angel, For you are now free far from the pain & misery this place had caused you. No one will ever use you again and I promise everyone will remember your name. Go fly free with your Brother way up in the clouds, happy and smiling until the day I to earn some wings and then we will be as one for the rest of eternity. I Love You BabyGirl give your Brother a big hug and Kiss for me.

    • I’m so sorry for the loss of both your son and daughter. Kassie was a lovely girl.

      (I made the corrections you noted. )

    • They were ran off the road by Brett Swartzel after he had first beat her with a base ball bat. She was trying to escape them from hurting your baby girl any more. But does anyone care about that.

  • Rest In Peace, may you make sweet music with the angels.

  • Melissa Munsell needs to stand straight for murder that she committed!
    I’m so tired of these drugged out people in this area!

  • chablis hillaire

    I miss you both so much Kasandra and Steven. Sissy loves you. Until I see you again, I am glad that you are free from the pain and suffering this world caused you… heart breaks knowing you died alone……I love you baby girl…….

  • Beautiful pictures of Kass

  • Kassie was a nice young lady with a whole future ahead. So sad she is gone. Prayers for the family.

  • What is the matter with the justice system. In 2008 Melissa Munsell was involved in a car wreck where she crossed over into the oncoming traffic and hit Craig Jacob and went up and over his pickup. He was flown to Redding and had multiple surgeries and still lives with the pain and suffering from her neglect. She had no insurance, no drivers license and was not even tested for drugs. Craig could have been killed as well. They did nothing to her. If they had maybe Kassandra Hillaire would still be alive. It was so heartbreaking to know maybe this could have been prevented.

  • In 2008 Melissa Munsell crossed over the line into oncoming traffic and hit a pickup in the front of the drivers door and went up and over the cab and bed. She walked away without a scratch. Craig Jacob was flown to Redding and had to have multiple surgeries. He lives with the pain everyday of a broken neck, shattered hip, and scarring on his back side from sitting in gasoline. She had no insurance, no drivers license, and was not even tested for drugs. Where the hell is the justice system? If they had done something then maybe Kassandra Hillaire would be alive today. To the Justice System: DO YOUR JOB, and to the Hillaires: Im so sorry for your loss.

  • Kym you go visit Missy and ask her about Brett and why she is too scared to say anything about it or him and hopefully she will spill her guts for reals

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