Cannabis Farmer’s Market

Farmer's Market for Cannabis

Farmer’s Market for Cannabis

Farmer’s market + mom and pop cannabis growers= Healing Harvest Farmer’s Market.  For years people have talked about how exciting it would be for growers and patients to be able to meet and talk at a local market. Now, it is happening.

Lake County has had one for awhile and, today, Mendocino County will have one.

Now, where’s Humboldt’s?




    Wouldn’t just attract tweakers and someone would ending up getting hurt? A crime report from the Lake and Mendo would be a cool story.

  • Lake and mendo have locals that actually care about where they live and the local economy/society in general, growers and non-growers alike. Humboldt is comprised largely of people who just don’t give a shit about anything but themselves, growers and non-growers alike. I’ve lived in all three places and that’s been my observation. Both lake and mendo easily have Humboldt beat as far as the good connotations of “cannabis culture” are concerned. In Humboldt it’s just straight up drug trade, pure and simple. And all the bad shit that comes along with the “strictly business” model.

    • I think there are corners of each place that might reflect certain aspects of the cannabis trade either the good or the bad. But where I live in Southern Humboldt, we have a passionate community. Today, the neighborhood meets to exchange veggie starts; last week we had a fundraiser at our school that was well attended and generously supported. Two weeks before that the community participated in a walk-a-thon for the school. There is very little trash along the road. We have passionate environmentalists and social activists. And, yes, we also have some strictly business folks that don’t care much about their neighbors. Yet, Lake County in my experience is just what you described Humboldt as being. Though I believe that there are areas that are like what you describe. In Mendocino, I’ve seen both sides like Humboldt.It matters what neighborhood and what individuals you interact with in a neighborhood.

  • I’ve been to the market in Lucerne, very clean very respectful and the lady that runs it is a very nice lady, tweakers do come by but they must have a card to enter, if they are rude or aggressive they just call the police and they go away. It’s a great option and humco needs to entertain a farmers weed market

  • Lake County is meth capital of nor cal. And the growers in latonville grow so much weed that you can buy pounds for 800 all day long in November.

    • Albert Einstein

      You just described Humboldt, Shakespeare. You’d be able to buy pounds for 800 here, but everyone is so greedy in Humboldt!

  • Where is it? In the Grey zone, shots not exactly that legal yet.
    And I can only agree the homeless tweeker camping flies and larvae would get attracted to this crap like no tomorrow.

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