KMUD Needs Help to Make a Blissful Block Party, Can You Pitch In?

kmud (1 of 1)DJ Jack Frybulous requested some help from Redheaded Blackbelt and from the community. He wrote,

It’s looking like our need for help from the KMUD family to make tomorrow’s Block Party a success is even greater than we had at first anticipated, due to a number of last-minute cancellations from folks who’d said they’d come (incl. one who got injured, although not seriously).

SO much remains to be done, and — although a decent number of folks are right now involved in setting up tents, moving hay-bales, setting up the kitchen (ETC.) — any time today and/or tomorrow that you could pitch in would be hugely appreciated.

Please email Volunteer Cooridnator Kerry Morgan ( if you can assist.

If you can’t lend your hands to help out, please consider asking friends and family to come help. And again, many thanks for all you have done, and will continue doing, to keep us on the air, and the Mud in your ear!



  • Kmuds programming is the worst, ever.
    They are actually the reason so hum farmers own and operate I pods and mp3 players. How on earth they get away with begging for money each year is puzzling to some, others are well aware that some of the djs salaries are up to 50 thousand dollars each year.
    Non profit? Don’t really think so!
    Lay your cards out on the table kmud let the folks see how you spend the money, people will not be too happy!

  • DirtyJoe, I’m not sure where you get your information but all of KMUD programmers are volunteers. No programmer is paid to produce their show. The only content KMUD airs that is paid for is for the production of the news and for a handful of syndicated shows like Democracy Now and This Way Out.

    KMUD’s finances are public information, you can look them up on the internet right now if you wanted to. Or you can attend the KMUD member meeting in June. Because KMUD receives some public funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, KMUD also conducts an annual audit, which is also public information available for download from the kmud website.

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