Cat Rescued After Three Days on a Power Pole in McKinleyville

This cat was stuck on the power pole for three days. [Photo provided by Jan Car]

Cat crouched on a power pole. Reportedly it was there for three days. [Photo provided by Jan Carr]

For three days, Amanda Henderson worried about a small cat crouched atop a power pole in McKinleyville (See photo left). She felt that no one worried with her. She called the fire departments, law enforcement, and PG&E. She was told not to worry; the cat would come down on its own.

Last night, she couldn’t wait any longer; she sent out a call for help to the community through her Facebook. Several people reading her post immediately contacted Jan Carr who runs Cats in My Heart, an animal rescue group.

Carr sent one of her fellow rescuers, Angela Copeland, to the scene while she began calling agencies and contacting people who might be able to help.

“Not much help was offered (by the agencies) until PG&E realized I had friends on scene who were willing to climb the pole,” said Carr. “We had ladders en route, too. Because of the multiple calls into PG&E and the danger of citizens climbing the pole, they responded and rescued the cat.”

According to Carr, “The cat is dehydrated, but otherwise fine.” The “very friendly” cat is now in one of the foster homes that work with Cats in My Heart.

“I just heard from the foster mom,” Carr wrote late last night, “She is willing to keep him.”

Make that keep her. A little investigation indicated the feline was female.

Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to Katniss. She’s probably not too fond of heights at the moment but otherwise, life looks pretty good.




  • Oh Amanda you are awesome !!!!!!! Your one in a million for sure, when everyone else ignored the situation (shame on them!!) You did it, you saved that kitty’s life, you are truly her hero . That makes my day, we have been so sad cuz we had to put our 6 month old kitty to sleep in Tuesday cuz he got very very ill our heart’s mostly poor hunters are broken. Good job manda I’m so happy she (the kitty) lol, is ok!

  • It would seem to me a cat that’s people friendly and looks as healthy as that must belong to someone.

  • Kim any word on the body on spy rock last night?

  • Evie Gustafson

    We had a cat who did that. Hubby had two ladders strapped together on top of his camper shell on his pickup. Very scary. Then the damn cat went back up the pole within a couple of days!

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