[UPDATE 5/14] Fire Near Alderpoint Bridge

scannerAccording to scanner traffic, there is a fire under the Alderpoint bridge. Cal Fire and Alderpoint fire are responding to the quarter acre vegetation fire.

UPDATE 10:40 p.m.: Forward progress has been stopped at 6/10ths of an acre, reports the Bridge Incident Commander. Crews are mopping up.

UPDATE 5/14: Laura Coleman, Cal Fire spokesperson, stated that the fire burned approximately .6 acres west of the Alderpoint Bridge off of River Road. The fire was intentionally caused but “not necessarily malicious,” she said.

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  • Well with a vehicle fire across the street last night, and a fire under the bridge at the other end of the ranch tonight, I would say Alderpoint has an arsonist. I hope that they catch him or her before the vegetatation gets much dryer.

  • Is there a place to find out which side of “under the bridge” it was?

  • Our property borders the Alderpoint bridge so as you might imagine we had some concerns about a fire under or near it. I walked down to the bridge, and across it this morning. There is absolutely no indication of any recent fire under or near the bridge. The initial location was entirely wrong, apparently. The revised location “west of the Alderpoint Bridge off River Road” does not exist. River Road begins at the bridge and runs east up to the old mill site where it dead ends. The Alderpoint road runs west of the bridge, along our property, and I walked it from our driveway just west of the vehicle fire site (now very well cleaned up) to the bridge. I’m now officially puzzled by the report of this fire. I’m pretty sure I know which way East is, since the sun comes up there; and I’m pretty sure I know where the Alderpoint road is, since I drive it all the time. I’ll check further, but the official location description is either directionally challenged or in need of a new map with road names on it. Where ever the fire was, 6/10s of an acre is a large area and I would expect to be able to spot it.

    • Local terms are often different than official maps. I’m not sure of the exact location but this map shows River Road as being west of the river.

      Scanner traffic last night mentioned going past a “pump house.” Does that help?

  • Yes, I just got word from a local friend that the fire was below the pump house for the Alderpoint water system which is on River Road perhaps 1/2 mile or more east of the bridge. It was near the river, I’m told, I haven’t seen it, and it was related to a recent death. I do wish Cal Fire was a bit more precise in its locations. A fire at or near the bridge is a fire at or near my property, and not something to be taken lightly. A fire in the riverbed at the pump house, while still scary, is a whole ‘nother thing. Thanks for checking with them,

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