Suspect Arrested in Saturday’s Homicide, Details on Case Revealed

ArcataAccording to Arcata Police Chief Tom Chapman, Kimberly Lyn Steele age 28 of Samoa was arrested in connection with Saturday night’s homicide. Chapman said, “Officers were able to develop probable cause to arrest Miss Steele for her part in the robbery that occurred. We’re still investigating her involvement in the homicide. Chapman explained that in California if an individual is involved in certain specified felonies and a murder or homicide occurs, then all participants in the felony can be charged with murder even if they weren’t the person who actually committed the violent act.

“We’ll still trying to determine the role she played in the homicide,” he said.

Chapman explained that there were multiple individuals involved in what a marijuana transaction at the Arcata home. “In addition to the decedent, there were three or four people in the home who would be classified as victims of the robbery. Oftentimes in these events, people are reluctant to cooperate fully. It is possible that one of the people may have fled. We’re still trying to determine what happened,” explained Chapman. “What we care about is violent crime. The transaction is not on the radar. There certainly wouldn’t be any charges related to possession or sales at this point.”

The suspects, Chapman said, apparently came intending to steal the product. “The suspects’ intent was to rob,” he explained. A shot or shots were fired and the victim, Chapman was not ready to identify him, was wounded and died.

Steele has been arrested for robbery but may be facing more serious charges. Police are still looking for two male suspects.



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