Fire Season Opens in Humboldt

cal fireFire season officially opens May 18th. Last year it opened on the 19th of May. The opening indicates a difference in the way Cal Fire keeps crews ready to fight wildfire. Although the agency is prepared year round, once moisture content in vegetation drops to a certain level then staffing is increased and facilities remain open 24 hours a day.

Air tankers and air attack planes are sent from winter quarters in Sacramento to stations throughout the state. Burn permits can be suspended until wetter weather returns.

Cal Fire, Humboldt – Del Norte Units wrote this morning,

Due to the fourth year of drought conditions and increased flammability of the forest fuels and grasses, fire season is declared within the administrative boundary of the CAL FIRE Humboldt – Del Norte Unit as of 0800 May 18th, 2015.

This declaration implements the fire prevention requirements of Public Resources Code sections 4292 to 4296.

Hugh Scanlon, Chief CAL FIRE, Humboldt – Del Norte Unit



  • May 11, that would be today. Actually it is just past midnight on the 12th as I write. And I noticed how very dry the morning felt even with the overcast sky. I can’t sleep because of a fire across the road from me, started about 10:45 pm. Scared me. Scared my little border collie. Scared Jake and Elwood, the black cats. Then I began to think of how to get out should the fire crews not be able to stop it. But they did, so if I get to sleep, I think about that another day.

  • it is so damn dry and yet passing honeydew camp ground couldn’t help noticing a large fire at one of the camp sites people please be careful and use some common sense


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