Snakes, Snakes, Snakes

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A selection of snakes slithering into your Saturday.

Garter snakes, king snakes, rattlesnakes–there are 33 species in California about 15 of those can be found in Humboldt and its surrounds.  Some of us love them…some are not as fond of the writhing critters.

Got a favorite photo of one that you’d like to share? Upload it in the comment section.


Closeup of scale details.

snake (1 of 1)

Snake shedding its skin. Fluid builds up between the eye and the old and new skin layers causing the eyes to look blue.


King snake [Photo provided by Joan Brennan]




  • Pacific ring-necked snake in southern humboldt

  • Nice photos…but too close for comfort for me…lol.
    They sure are beautiful creatures and I see some at the “Community Park” quite often laying down on the path.
    But to get close to them seems a little dare devil for my taste…
    So thumbs up for the photographer

  • I love ’em, but I do still get the instant fright whenever I come upon one. I think that’s in our genes and takes some concentration to override. Those snaky licks are fascinating.

  • Deluth lautrec

    It’s a snake eat snake world.
    Brown, or rubber, snake Lady & Tramping down an unfortunate garter.

  • God put snakes on the earth for a reason.The ones to look out for are Rattlesnakes, the 2 legged kind.

  • Western hog nose(pichiquata), stands 6″ ,puffs head like cobra,hisses.plays possum upside down,tight s shape.swims under sand.swallows the toxic toad.choked my pet rattlesnake to death.coldblooded,nearly invisible to pit viper.large roach ate algae,on vegetable rock.something went wrong.large blue stomach lizard killed hog nose,just angry I think.

  • Damn they been out for over a month now.. anyways ya gotta grab em by the tail and crack the whip, snapping necks, if it’s a rattler ,..yeehaw

  • my 8 year old son taught me that if you see a pesky buzz-tail , show it your right boot… it will usually leave you ……..alone………………………. standing there ,one boot on,one sock fulla stickers, feeling smart …looking foolish, to a departing snake…he also said”then if you put your right ear to the ground you can hear them chuckling at you, as they slither off’……. left alone.. snakelessly wondering. was it a buzz -tail or a gopher snake????

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