Three Separate Accidents Reported Northbound Out of Eureka and One in Eureka Proper


Accident Just north of the Slough Bridge

According to scanner chatter and information from a witness, there are as many as three separate traffic collisions heading north out of Eureka. Lavivian Wright wrote,

…there’s at least three different car accident[s] leaving Eureka. Only one tow truck on scene. There’s an accident on the bridge, one just over the bridge and one a little further down the road at the Jacob Avenue cutover. It is a big mess. Hope everybody is OK


Accident on the Slough Bridge.

In addition at 5:28 p.m. there came a report over the scanner of another accident at Henderson and Broadway. This is a non-injury traffic collision.



  • slow down or go away

    Not too surprising as people are driving crazy lately, esp on the corridor. The CHP really needs to be out there. Lately I have seen many folks doing 60-65 who then ride your ass expecting you to speed up to their speed so you can pass the slow lane cars and get outta their way. Its happened to me&I see it happening every time I drive the corridor. If a deer jumped in front of the lead car in that scenario it would be a multi car pile up. Also see folks speeding & texting/talking on their phone with no headlights on. Where’s the chp? I dont want to see an overpass at either location; besides the eyesore, the amount of time&money to go thru the city/state/county/state processes of approval, blah, blah would be outrageous. That time and money would be better spent elsewhere. Never thought i’d say it but the cameras that photo car license plates that are going over a certain speed and then send a ticket may be the best way to help. They use the cameras at the golden gate bridge instead of stopping to pay tolls now. Hell they already have the license plate reading devices in the local police departments.


      Yea, but Bay Area people slam on their brakes when they hit 50mph- it’s why santa rosa is a mess. Every Bay Area driver should be sent to LA to learn to drive for a month and there won’t be traffic.

      Those cameras, ALPR, automated license plate reader is everywhere- you can’t even drive into Arcata without zipping past one.

      The best bet is returning the safety zone to 65 and being done with the control freaks that drive 45 in the fast lane. Putting in a third lane would be very helpful. If anything, pave over the bike lanes and make them ride on the train tracks. Having a wider road would help and one would have a lane to turn into if trees fall during a winter flood/storm and the power is out for a week.

      It’s America, more is better, always.

      • But all it takes is a light drizzle and L.A. traffic shuts down to a crawl. I think your metaphor is fallacious of the “grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” variety.

  • Kim the little black car in lower picture rear ended us. At mad river hospital getting checked out.

  • People need to pay attention when driving and not be in such a damn rush. And learn how to freaking g drive. That is all.

  • Aaaaargh!

    [Hope everyone’s okay.]

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