Alleged Bank Robber Back in Jail After Attempted Hanging

TabbytiteBenaiah Stephen Tabbytite, age 33 of Eureka, who was arrested April 29 for allegedly robbing two local banks and attempted to hang himself on April 30th is out of the hospital and back in the County jail.

Press release provided by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department:

On Saturday, 05-02-2015 at 1:00 p.m. Tabbytite was released from the hospital and is back in custody at the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. Tabbytite was placed in a safety cell and is currently being monitored by mental health and Correctional Deputies.



  • This guy is just not good at anything, he got caught robbing banks, now it seems that he can’t even hang himself right.

    The good news is that the lawyers can breathe a big sigh of relief, the DA and the public defender will get paid good to make sure this ne’er-do-well’s rights are protected.

    • I don’t know. At first he didn’t look like the perp in the video to me, but after a day or so the mouth began to look familiar despite the different angle. So, yes, now it seems to me they really might’ve gotten the right guy, but it strikes me that even if he’s guilty he’s a cut above yer average desperate addict.

      I mean, 99.999% of them resort to looting their relatives’ and friends’ houses or, at most, sticking up a convenience store. I’ve never heard of them resorting to bank robbery. That’s too dangerous, not a good enough chance of getting away with it. He might’ve been trying for suicide-by-cop from the git. Two failures in a row and so suicide-by-heroin-OD was his next option, but thwarted by a timely arrest, he then muffed the last option he could pick.

      I guess I’m saying it could be he’s just had a spectacular run of bad luck, but karma’s trying to keep him alive for something.

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