Photos Shared by Local Hikers Show Avalanche Pouring Like a Tsunami onto Mount Everest Base Camp

Avalanche at Mount Everest Base Camp

Avalanche at Mount Everest Base Camp

Dave Creech and his partner Neal Carnam, both of Humboldt County, arrived back from Nepal after the devastating earthquake and avalance determined to help the families of Sherpa guides from their tour group who had died as well as a woman who served them lunch whose home/inn was badly damaged.

The two men had spent the night at the Mount Everest base camp not long before the 7.8 earthquake struck last Saturday. The tour company the men were with also provided support for several Chinese women and their documentary crew that were planning on summitting Mount Everest. The two men from Humboldt met the women and their crew. Sadly, when the avalanche struck, five of the people from that group died.  “We were having tea and dinner with these folks just a few days before [the avalanche,” Dave Creech explained. Later, he said that he and Carnam felt the need to help the families of several of the guides who were killed from their tour group.

Dave Creech Chinese team

Some survivors of the avalanche. The woman on the left, a Chinese woman who was the subject of a documentary as she and several other women sought to summit Mount Everest, was badly cut up by the incident.

Creech and Carnam are working through Old Town Rotary to raise money for the guides’ families and for a woman who provided them lunch and whose home/inn was badly damaged. The two say that every cent raised will go to help these folks. “We assure people that 100% will go to the lady that we had lunch with and the two Sherpa guides’ families because they have nothing,” Creech said.

Creech base camp

 Members of the tour company shared some dramatic photos with Dave Creech including an image of the avalanche bearing down on base camp (see photo at the top of the post) and this photo of base camp after the avalanche had smothered part of it.

People wanting to donate can make checks out to Old Town Rotary at PO Box 87, Eureka, California, 95503. Or money can also be deposited in an account has been opened at Redwood Capital bank under Old Town Rotary.

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  • I don’t have much,but I’ll donate what we can!!I’ve known Jill and Dave along time!!such a great thing to do .glad your home and safe .god.bless

  • I really feel sympathy for all people who are attacked by earthquakes. That is what it felt like for me, the Earth itself was trying to destroy me. And that was our 7.2.
    Word has it the mountain spirit of Everest has become angry with all the climbing.

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