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According to the scanner, the California Highway Patrol (with some help) has a horse corralled on Hwy 101 near Piercy. Currently, the horse is being held with a dog harness. Piercy Fire has been notified but they aren’t on the scene. Is anyone missing a “golden brown horse?”

We know that isn’t much of a description so we’ll try to get more information.

UPDATE 10:18 p.m.: A neighbor of the owner texted to let us know the horse and owner have been reunited. The horse in now home.




    Might be some wild horses headed west, running from Forest Service trying to catch them and the wild burros to be taken to Livingston, Nevada for sale and slaughter for food in Mexico and Canada.

    If it is a wild horse, people should refrain from calling the cops on them, like people always want to do. Horses have rights and shouldn’t be rounded up and killed by the Forest Circus for private profit.

    Just be happy you have seen a wild horse, calling the cops will only bring them a bitter end.

    • To the only other person with a comment on this, [edit] That horse was well trained and was scared to death. I was there. If you would have read the article before you posted, it was reunited with its owner. It was not a wild horse,[edit].

    • Horses and cars don’t mix. What the hey are you talking about? Lucky this horse got caught before it got hit.


        There are plenty of wild horses and burros running around ducking capture and kill by the forest service. Forest service will even trap them on private land for free.
        When people see wild horses many want to call the cops, you think cops don’t like dogs? They don’t like wild horses even more. The wild horses are captured and taken to Livingston, Nevada where they are sold at private auction for slaughter. The meat goes to Canada and Mexico, on the tax payers dime.
        The Forest Circus is using the drought to claim a need for even more wild horse blood to be spilled in the name of keeping the auction stocked and money rolling in to their private industry friends whom profit from the destruction of wonderful creatures.

        • While I agree about the wild horses in other parts of the United States this story had NOTHING to do with that . There are no herds of “wild” horses around here , there may be a feral one here or there but the “wild” horse issue is moot here. It was obviously someone’s horse that got loose, plain and simple.

          • LAZY SKUNK RANCH

            Hayfork has wild burros, nothing to stop them from taking 36 to escape from Forest Circus hatred of animals, or taking the back road through Hyampom and getting into Arcata. I’ve ridden a quad from Hyampom to Arcata and gotten pizza at Trying To Be New York Pizza.

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