California Cannabis Voice Meeting in Willow Creek

Press release provided by California Cannabis Voice:
California cannabis voiceJoin us for an informative afternoon and evening of discussion, education, networking, music and food all centered around Humboldt County’s farmer-centric cannabis legalization model on May 8th from 5p-11p at the Willow Creek Golf & Country Club.

We’re honored to have speakers Hollie Hall (Hollie Hall & Associates Watershed Resources Consulting), Dan Mar ( High Tide Permaculture Design) and Sarah Schuette (Dirty Business Soil Consulting & Analysis).

Southern BBQ food and speakers will be from 5-8p and music by Left Coast Country (Bad Ass Portland Bluegrass) will start after that.

Get involved and let your voice be heard! Remember, protecting our way of life starts at home!


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  • Well, after next Thursday’s NCRWQCB meeting at the Wharfinger Building, the cannabis voice ought to have a lot to talk about. Has anyone actually read all that paperwork from the water board about its proposed pot growing regulations? Worse than the IRS. Even Tier 1 pot growers with excellent practices are subject to their roads, culverts, septics everything being under inspection even if they were there before the pot!!! The Water Police have arrived and they have the red tape and legal leverage on their side.

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