Weaverville Man Arrested With Heroin and 3/4 Pound of Meth

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and the individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

MOBLEYOn April 24, 2015 just before midnight two Trinity County Sheriff’s Deputies conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Washington Street in Weaverville. The driver of the vehicle, Coy Mobley was contacted by the Deputies and was found to have several ounces of heroin and methamphetamine and a digital scale on his person. The Trinity County Narcotics Task Force was called out and responded to the scene. Narcotics Task Force Officers wrote and served a search warrant for Mobley’s residence in Weaverville that night. During the search of Mobley’s residence drug paraphernalia was located, as well as a large amount of methamphetamine, indicative of narcotics sales. The total amount of heroin located between the traffic stop and the search of the residence was 1.4 ounces and the total amount of methamphetamine found was nearly ¾ of a pound.
Coy Mobley was out on bail from a previous arrest for possession of methamphetamine, cocaine and a large amount of US currency in January of 2015.
Mobley is currently still in custody at the Trinity County Jail on the above charges.



  • Um, was this a TCSO press release Kym? If not, why do you suppose the HCSO is reporting an incident in Weaverville that was handled by Trinity County Sheriff’s Deputies?

  • Coy has been at it for a while and it looks like his time is coming to an end rather quickly. He should have known they would be watching him after the last bust but he isn’t as smart as he looks.

  • This is my uncle… I’m sad to see he has done this again. He doesn’t seem to care about how our name looks or what he does…


    Weaverville is the only place TCSO patrols at night. Heck, even in the day for that matter.

    Did they ever get the T-Pines sniper that was hunting them, or do they just not go there anymore without all their federal buddies?

    How about Kettenpom? What ever happened to the lawsuit that claimed Whitman was telling a lie and got those people nearly killed doing the job he is paid to do?

  • He definitely has this ( http://www.sadtrombone.com ) look on his face.

  • coy is a grate man free him

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