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Screen capture by Monika Simonis

Press release provided by Humboldt Bay Eagle folks.

Two eaglets hatched on April 24 and 25, 2015 at the Humboldt Bay Eagles nest.

Bald eagle fans worldwide watched live on the Humboldt Bay Eagle nest-cam as the hatch process unfolded, taking from 24 to 48 hours to complete for each eaglet. This experienced eagle pair, affectionately called Mr. and Mrs. HBE have successfully raised at least 14 eaglets in the past 10 seasons including the famous “Kyle” and “Stormy” in 2013 as well as “Angel” and “Mist” in 2014. Mr. and Mrs. HBE are known for their skilled team approach as nest builders, protectors, providers, and parents. They often share feeding duties, ensuring both eaglets are well fed. So far, the chicks’ diet has included fish and coot. The live nest-cam viewers will continue to observe the eaglets eat, sleep, poop, and grow until they fledge, likely in early August.

The Humboldt Bay nest is located on private property and the landowners once again encourage school children in grades K8 to enjoy watching the eagles and participating in the eagle-cam chat room with their teachers and classmates. As in past seasons, students are invited to name both eaglets. Students in K-8 classrooms anywhere in North America can work together with their teachers to submit a name for one of the two eaglets.

The 2015 eaglets will be named as follows:

E1 – by a K-8 Humboldt County, CA school submission

E2 – by a K-8 classroom anywhere in North America.

Each classroom may submit one suggestion for the name of the eaglet and must be accompanied by a oneparagraph student essay explaining their name choice. All submissions should to emailed to by May 20th at 5pm Pacific Time. The submission form can be found at

Additional information about the eagles can be found in the Facebook group Humboldt Bay Eagles or the Humboldt Bay Eagles Forum at

Questions regarding the contest should be addressed to:

Thanks to generous donations from the HBE community, the nest now has two cameras including a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) that allows unprecedented views of the nest as well as a few favored perches. The cams would not be possible without the private landowners’ willingness and support in sharing this nest with the world. Camera installation, maintenance, streaming, and nest monitoring is provided by a collaborative effort of the Institute for Wildlife Studies, Jim Campbell-Spickler of Eco-Ascension Research and Consulting, and Sandra Hunt-von Arb of Pacific NorthWestern Biological.

To view both Live cameras go to

To keep tabs on the HBE nest join the Humboldt Bay Eagle Forum at or their fan club on Facebook at


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