Vehicle Vs Pedestrian Fatality

CaptureAccording to CHP dispatch, a vehicle has struck a pedestrian on Hwy 101 near A Drive in Crescent City about 8:50 p.m. Sadly, this is being reported as a fatality.



  • sadly this was a few feet away from where the new hybrid pedestrian beacon was installedon 101 by shooters billiards. thoughts and prayers for the family. guess they will have to rethink the lighting there.

  • Dammit! That is an AWFUL spot for crossing the road… and maybe even worse with this new pedestrian beacon. Everyone heading north is speeding up toward the freeway, and everyone heading south is slowing down from the freeway. It’s four lanes, plus a middle turning lane there, and vehicles turning onto it and off of it and just generally too much going on there to cope with pedestrians on top of everything else. There should be a pedestrian bridge or tunnel there if we really have to have people crossing on foot there.

    Oh, RIP pedestrian, I have to go off and have a cursing fit now.

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