Local Man in Nepal Sends Photos and Report from the Scene of Today’s Earthquake That Killed Hundreds

11169016_10200603395124020_1876948393_n“We are stuck in Lukla. No flights in or out,” came the message from Dave Creech. He and his partner Neal Carnam, both of Northern California, had been exploring the area around Mount Everest when a 7.8 quake struck.  Family here anxiously awaited news (see this post here for more information) for hours until just recently when Creech and his partner were able to contact them and let them know they were all right.

When the quake hit, Creech wrote that at first they weren’t worried. “Well, we are from Northern [California.] So at first like no big deal. Then when I saw a big chunk of the building fall into the patio, I remembered these aren’t [California] Building codes. We went to a doorway for a few seconds. Then we got outside and just kept looking up for falling [debris.]”


Trail from Phakding to Lukla

Creech and Carnam said that they are now in Lukla where there isn’t as much damage but, “all these place are just block[s] stacked on top of each other so a lot of the places had parts just fall on the ground.” Creech said that Carnam who is an engineer thinks that “most of the buildings” are unsafe following the quake but that local residents have nowhere else to go.

The two had planned to hike more in the area but are now seeking a flight home without much success.

Below Creech sent photographs from the area as the people in Nepal grapple with damaged buildings and fears of aftershocks.  

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  • So glad their family heard from them and that they are ok.

  • This Rosie’s dad? If so, Hi Rosie! So glad they’re OK. The photos are pretty scary – especially the one with heavy rocks on the beds.

  • Thank you, Jill, for keeping everyone updated. Blessings to your family, David’s family and all friends. Thanks to Kym.
    So I have a Chrysler 200M with some dings.
    Get back here Dave! (?). I need some body work.
    And a Ford Taurus with an attitude.
    Glad you are safe.


  • Wow! Thank you for sharing these photos. I am glad you are okay. Watch for aftershocks and take care.

  • Hi. We have 5 South African family members who were scheduled to be in Dingboche when the quake struck yesterday. Any news on the situation at Dingboche and surroundings will be appreciated. Names are Raymond (Manoj), Adil, Rajan, Kolausch and Nicky.

    • Have heard word that a group my friends are with, are safe in Dingboche. Hope that sheds a little light for you on the situation there. It is all I know.

  • trying to find word on my brother Jordan Fink who was just below Everest Base Camp when the quake hit. He went back up to help and then was going to try to get to Lukla. We haven’t heard from him since. If anyone has seen him please let me know. [email protected]. @minturnmile

  • Thanks for update. Bit more of an adventure than bargained for, but life can be like that.

  • So happy to hear the news Dave’s ok .Jill our prayers are with you.god bless hope he gets home soon!!!

  • I am SO glad you (Dave) and Neal are okay. I have another friend over there, Katie Tayler who is okay too. Sending warm thoughts to you and to the people of Nepal. Loretta

  • Glad to know you’re safe, Dave (Country Dude) Humboldt County Tough!
    Stay safe and help the locals!

  • Russell Morey of Eureka is over there also, climbing Mt. Everest. He is an E.R. Nurse at Redwood Memorial in Fortuna. Anyone heard anything?

    • On his Facebook page, Talisman Beads posted, “Russell Morey texted “I’m ok. Phinoche much damage. We are in tyangboche now. Headed to namche bazar””

  • The images coming out of Nepal are harrowing. Thousands of people are confirmed dead, and many more have been injured. This is a terrible tragedy and our hearts go to the Nepalese people. May God strengthened them and provide their needs during this time.

  • wow I hope you make it back stateside. I was up doing homework when my laptop prompted a banner newsflash about this event. I began to pray and felt that this is the beginning of the time of visitation. I recall Creech & hi-school football with Jack & Kenny. Take care and keep the faith.

  • Hi Dave and Neal,

    Do you know how the family who lives and runs the guesthouse (blue windows) in Phakding which is in the photos above is doing?

    We stayed with them last April and the father was our guide for 2 weeks.


  • Antoine Giasson

    Hello, We believe are son was around Lukla when the earthquake hit. If someone has seen him please contact us as soon as possible. His name is Frederic Giasson, he is 20 yrs old, 6,1feet, french canadian and english speaking. He was supposed to be with 2 other foreigners. Thank you for shearing any relevent information.

    Antoine Giasson

  • Thibodeau Micheline

    Does anybody have any idea about the state of the village named phakding?
    I am searching the owner of the Buddha Logde
    Her family is looking for her. Her son is in Kathmandu.

    • D’après mes étudiants qui enquêtaient avant le séisme dans la région de Phakding et qui se sont réfugiés à Khumjung, Phakding a été touché par un glissement de terrain et le monastère en haut du village a été complètement détruit, sans parler de maisons détruites mais apparemment plutôt sur le haut vers Tok Tok et Thulo/Sanu Gumela (sans confirmation). Pour le Bouddha lodge (propriétaire : Dorjee Sherpa et gérant-locataire sur place en mars :Santosh Shreshtra) je ne sais pas, ni pour l’ensemble des lodges que nous avons enquêté en février pour notre recherche (nous étions basés au Khumbu trekkers lodge chez Parbati Gurung et kami Norbu Sherpa), mais j’ai demandé à ces étudiants dont deux sont remontés hier de Cheplung jusqu’à Khumjung pour attendre leur rapatriement, de nous donner des infos. je regarde mes mails 24h/24. J’ai une page facebook où j’essaie de poster des nouvelles. Mon nom ; Isabelle sacareau

      [Edit:Google translate: According to my students who were investigating before the earthquake in the region of Phakding and fled to Khumjung , Phakding was hit by a landslide and the top monastery of the village was completely destroyed , not to mention houses destroyed but seems rather on the top to Tok Tok and Thulo / Sanu Gumela (without confirmation). For the Buddha lodge (owner : Dorjee Sherpa and tenant-manager on site in March : Santosh Shreshtra ) I do not know , nor for all the lodges that we investigated in February for our search (we were based in the Khumbu lodge trekkers in Parbati Gurung and kami Norbu Sherpa ), but I asked the students , two of which are raised yesterday Cheplung Khumjung to wait until their repatriation to give us information . I look at my mail 24h / 24 . I have a facebook page where I try to post news . My name; Isabelle Sacareau]

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