Dang, Another Bang!


Several reports of an explosion in Eureka. One reader not only heard it but saw it “in front of my house on Summer near 14th @ 9:38. Saw the flash and it shook the house. Big firework I believe.”



  • Saw in and heard it South of Harris. Had to be a very big firework.

  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    I was driving by at that time and saw exactly which house/yard it came from. Near Food for People. Reported to police. And yes, it was a big firework – it shot up in the air.


    8.1 quake in Nepal?

  • Kym, I’d love to see you not give this sort of thing the time of day. Be better than LoCO, which is a borderline gossip rag.

  • I don’t know. It’s not something I’m going to spend a lot of time on but when readers report it to me, I feel like it deserves a mention. And, if there was someone setting off loud fireworks continuously near where I live, I’d consider it news.

  • My opposition lies in the belief that the act of publishing these reports gives them gravity. We’re not talking about a real problem. A loud noise. Nobody is adversely affected. It makes such an occurrence into being more important than it really is, which is exactly what the perp is looking for… attention because he knows how to make a loud noise. And when he is rewarded with online attention, he’s more likely to continue, and maybe other people with similarly uneventful lives will be inspired to do the same.

    Anyway, this type of reporting exemplifies everything I think is wrong with LoCO, so I’m sad to see it here, too.

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