Eagle Family

Eagles by Ann Constantion

Eaglet with parents in Southern Humboldt.

With at least one eagle’s nest on the Humboldt Bay gluing folks to their webcams every day, it’s time to update with photos and video of the eagle’s nest in Southern Humboldt that we’ve been following here.

Ann Constantino, a local nature photographer zoomed in on the new hatchling recently and allowed us to update the blog with the latest. In the photo above one of the parent birds feeds the eaglet while the other watches from above.

In the video below, turn the sound up a bit and you’ll feel like you hiked out to the secret nest spot yourself.



  • “turn the sound up a bit and you’ll feel like you hiked out to the secret nest spot yourself.”
    I have. There has been a nest there, or near there, since the late 50’s that I know of. Do the offspring of eagles use the nest of their parents? I don’t know a whole lot about eagles.

    My wife and I used to enjoy watching the osprey nest down by twin trees bridge. We would watch them with binoculars. One year they raised two. When they got old enough to fledge they would get up on the edge of the nest and flap their wings while holding on tightly, soon they would practice hopping in the air while flapping their wings. They reminded me of my daughter in her teenage years. Hopping around all the edges while trying her wings and squawking. After a few days of this a little gust of wind came along and moved the fledgeling off the nest. In what looked like an “Ah shit, what do I do now?” moment, the young fledge flapped around the river with it’s mom following and calling to it, soon it crash landed in a tree beside the river. We watched it for a while. We went back the next day and it was back in the nest, but soon to be off into the big wide world.

    After that my wife and I suffered “empty nest syndrome” and had to find other pursuits than watching Ospreys. The big triple earthquake of 1992 broke the snag fir tree that held the nest. The ospreys built a nest further up the hill the next year but for some reason they abandoned it.

  • guest (NOT the other one)

    Incredible photograph! Thanks for the update.
    And Ernie: thank you, too. I really like your stories— they’re small snapshots of their own kind.

  • I love this beautiful deep nest and One on the branch above is a perfect picture. It’s way different than HBE nest but I like it as well. Thank you Ann.

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