EPD Stops Three at Gunpoint

At a little before 2:30 this afternoon, the Eureka Police Department stopped a gold Mercedes at gunpoint in the 2700 block of Summer Street in Eureka. The Mercedes had been the subject of a BOLO (Be on the Lookout.) According to our reporter at the scene, Oliver Cory, “Initially, two males and a female were taken into custody, but the female was later released at the scene. She kept saying, ‘I didn’t do anything.'”

The suspects had a dog but when the female was released, she was allowed to take it. When officers were searching the vehicle, they discovered a sword.

The Lost Coast Outpost reports that officers were looking for the Mercedes in connection with a domestic violence case.



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  • Gotta love the “obey” shirt on the criminal…
    The cops should have one that says”serve and protect” then they can carry on a conversation

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