Let the Sunshine in, It’s Going to Be Warm Today


Graphic courtesy of the US Weather Service in Eureka’s Facebook page. (What? You haven’t liked them yet? Click here, like their page and get local weather delivered to your Facebook newsfeed.)

Those lovely folks at the US National Weather Service in Eureka predict warm weather today. (Trinity County got a bit nippy overnight though. Frost was a distinct possibility in the Weaverville and Hayfork areas.)

  • Sunshine and in the low 60’s along the Coast. Beachcombing, anyone? Be cautious. There’s a potential for sneaker waves.
  • High, high 70’s inland pushing into the 80’s in Mendocino.
  • Sadly, not much chance of rain for several days.
  • Laytonville Rock


  • There is just nothing like a sunny spring day in Southern Humboldt. Our skys have been clear, deep blue, and even the jets have turned off their chemtrails out of respect for our celebration of spring.

    Just like the trees and plants, our juices rise and we feel that life may be worth living again. We are filled with the need to clean something or plant a garden.

    While many of us lament the lack of rainfall, other of us revell inthe glorious sunshine (me) and know from experience that we will be just fine.

    There is something about spring that makes you contemplate where it all came from and where it will all go to. At some point common sense will tell you that we will never know the true answers and just enjoy the things that we can touch, smell and see. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go soak up some sunshine!

  • It won’t get any more intensely green that it is right now.

  • well, kym…it seems you are getting about as many comments posted here as lcop hasa been getting since your exodus from there.

    i remember you saying lcop was taking too much time away from your trying to have a real life.

    well, ut-oh!
    here ya go again. you’re getting to be a busy woman!
    i sooo appreciate your work here. thank you for the info.
    keep on rocking!

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