[UPDATE 4:13 P.M.] Vehicle VS Bicyclist on Rhonerville Road

scannerDetails are unclear but a bicyclist has been injured by a vehicle in front of 1975 Rhonerville Road. According to scanner traffic, the bicyclist is conscious but complaining of back pain.

Please stay away from the area if possible. Traffic control is being started.

UPDATE 4:13 P.M.: Eastbound traffic is being diverted out Drake Hill Road. Westbound is being allowed through at this time. [Eastbound is the term being used on the scanner. Though the map makes it look like a north south road???]


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  • I live 2 doors down from this accident. Upper Rohnerville road is very dangerous, people drive far to fast in both directions. I have heard numerous accidents from inside my home over the last 5 years, and have talked to the police department in the past about the excessive speed. I’m told that the state came in and did an assessment of the speed limit, raised it, and the city has no choice as far as the speed limit is concerned. Rohnerville road IS NOT a highway yet drivers, and the state, treat it as such.

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