Law Enforcement at the Lone Pine in Garberville


Humboldt County Sheriff’s officers have a vehicle surrounded in Garberville. [Photo by Kim McPherson.]

As of 2 P.M., multiple Humboldt County Sheriff’s officers surround a vehicle at the Lone Pine Motel in Garberville. A local business owner said they have been at this site since 11:15 this morning. “They were at the Johnson’s Motel also at 11:A.M.,” he added.

According to local resident Kim McPherson, at the Lone Pine site there were several individuals in a black sedan with a smashed out rear passenger window surrounded by four Humboldt County Sheriff’s vehicles. McPherson said law enforcement officers were looking into the trunk of the sedan.

“Nobody is in cuffs yet,” McPherson said, “but it looks like [the officers] are very interested.”

McPherson described a busy scene with townsfolk and Susan Gardner of one Southern Humboldt’s excellent local papers, the Redwood Times, taking photos. “People are coming out of their rooms to gawk and then quickly darting back in,” McPherson said.

RB has a call in to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and update with more information as soon as it is available.



  • I seen the car at the shell its that goofy red headed kid with glasses and the burgundy hair girl that is missing her front tooth. Total meth heads for sure! Sad that there still on the streets!

  • Pure speculation here, but smashed out rear window sometimes means rippers whose vehicle got marked by their victim as the rippers sped away.

    • It douse nit mean there ripppers becuz there window broke..anc theu dont habe money to buy. A knew one…thats. verry cruel of you to say dont judge a book ny its collar

      • In my defense, that is why I said “pure speculation” and “sometimes.” But you’re right, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it at all. My apologies to your friends.

  • I was having lunch at the Woodrose when this started. It was approximately 1:40 this afternoon. The redhead / glasses guy and the burgundy-haired girl were by the car photographed above when a dark haired shaggy haired, bearded man in navy blue baseball style longsleeve tshirt and sweat pants with a white or gray stripe down the side came running fast up to them from the south. The second man raced up to the redheaded guy and starting punching him in the face as hard and fast as he could. I saw at least 8 punches. The red headed guy staggered back against the car, and then they repeated that little dance of punch and stagger. I never saw a word or shouting or anything leading up to the attack, but of course, I wasn’t looking until it started. The assailant started walking fast in an aggressive way across the street. I was scared he was going to come into the restaurant. By then he was followed by a young tough-looking woman with ratty blonde hair. A bunch of people inside the restaurant were calling 911. The assailant walked away (looked like he walked through the Sentry lot to the next street back). When law enforcement arrived maybe 5-6 minutes later, they showed up in force and started questioning the guy who’d been punched, and then started walking through the motel complex. I don’t know if they ever looked for the assailant. I saw him later hanging out at the Town Square. he had a white band-aid shaped bandage on the bridge of his nose that he hadn’t had earlier, so maybe either the 2 had had a previous encounter and he was settling a score, or the red headed guy got a punch in. I really hate that this kind of violence is happening on our streets, and can only imagine what it’s like in the homeless camps if it’s going on like this in broad daylight on the main street of our town.

  • overalltweekers

    Im over these motels in town being tweekers dens. I spent 2 nights at the Humboldt house Inn and there were tweekers knocking on our doors to buy meth. Up all night working on their cars. Peeking and creeping threw all our cars. I was so embarrassed to have my friends stay there…come on So Hum you can do better!!! Notice there’s a new sergeant and he’s all over this meth and herion. Kenny was useless and over paid [edit]

  • There must be an effective way to deal with this. Why can’t we scour the United States for communities that have come up with real solutions, figure out what they’ve done, and make it happen here? It really feels like the Board Of Supervisors and the Police are like two deers in the headlights and don’t have a clue what to do…

    • I take it only pot growers use water? It couldn’t possibly be the thousands of acres of grapes to make wine right? Wine is legal so it doesn’t use the same kind of water as pot does…right? It’s a special..renewable kind of water that grapes use…right?

  • They HAVE to lock up the meth dealers and manufacturers! Make it not worth it. Do they even attempt drug rehab for offenders anymore?

    • Drug Rehab?
      If You’re referring to the AA and NA programs that our rehabilitation centers are built around, then yes, the courts still send people there.
      The reason rehabilitation does not work is because it’s based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which according to their own study has a 6% success rate with alcohol over just one year. Hard drug users have a even smaller percentage.
      AA is a blind faith healing program with no phycological or scientific strategy.
      They tell you the only way to over come “Addiction” is to give your life over to God, as Gods will is stronger than your own.
      Then they tell you that your character is defected and you’re like a “Man who has lost his legs, you can never grow new ones”
      Implying that you can never reverse your habits formed by obsessive destructive behaviors, low self esteem, shame, deflated ego and trauma on your own.
      The only way in their eyes for you to “feel happy joyous and free” is for you to give your will and life over to the program and God.
      If the court system forced me to go there or be sent to jail, I would take it to the Supreme Court and sue the fuck out of them.
      It’s unbelievable how many people believe that AA and NA are our solution to “addiction”
      Those people have obviously never read any of the insane literature. If they had, they would rethink our countries “Rehabilitation” strategy.

      • AA works for me and millions of others… Period… This is a weird rant you have posted… Cpome to a meeting sometime, maybe you’ll learn something…

  • Actually AA and NA do work if you want to change. When I went into rehab, I had no more life left in me, I was at the end of my rope and had burned most bridges, I had done meth for 10 years and I was a hopeless case (or so I thought). The program of NA gave me hope that there was a better life out there, that I too could be a person worthy of breathing up some oxygen, that I could be whoever I wanted to be and I did not need drugs to accomplish that.
    I now have almost 14 years of sobriety and own a home and am raising a child, have great friendships and a wonderful long term relationship, I also volunteer in our community and have a job in the school system. Without treatment and a solid program of honesty, and drug-free lifestyle, I would not have any of this.
    So yes, this program does work if you want a better life. You have to work for it though, there is no instant cure. There is no cure at all. If you are an addict, realizing that you are powerless to the drug, the bottle, the pills, whatever your addiction is, the first step in realizing that you have a problem that only you can fix, and having the power of a group behind you to fix it, makes it that much easier. A group of people that have the same addictions as you have, a group of people that need others to encourage them within the group, a group of people that want to be and stay clean and sober, is the most powerful feeling of all.

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