Southern Humboldt Eaglet–Names, Anyone?


Eagle parent perched above tiny eaglet in Southern Humboldt nest. [Photo by Ann Constantino.]

Southern Humboldt folks need not be jealous of the famous Humboldt Bay Eagles. The bottom half of the county has at least one eagles’ nest somewhere between the conjunction of the Eel Rivers and above the Mendocino line. In this eyrie, an eaglet hatched a little over a week ago.

True to the SoHum character, the nest’s location is secret–even more jealously guarded than the one near Humboldt Bay. But two local photographers, Ann Constantino and Talia Rose, recently visited the area together and captured images of its newest arrival. Constantino, who has been monitoring the nest since 2012 and is a frequent contributor to Lost Coast Interpretive Association, sent in the above photo.

Rose, who runs a local nature blog called County Line Wild, took the bottom photo of the two parents with one eaglet a few days prior to the recent visit.


New eaglet’s fuzzy head feathers glow in the sunshine as its two parents stand nearby. [Photo taken by Talia Rose.]

So, we know its anthropomorphizing to impose human names on wild creatures…but, should anyone be inclined to such bad behavior…Boldt (humBOLDT, get it?) would be a mighty fine moniker.



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