[UPDATE 5:51 P.M. with Photos] Extrication Accident on F Street in Eureka

CaptureAccording to scanner traffic a three vehicle accident occured around 5:10 on F Street near Buhne Street.  A red Trans Am with at least two occupants is one of them. Initial reports indicate that extrication will be needed.

UPDATE 5:38 p.m.: Oliver Cory, our reporter on the scene, said there were three vehicles involved–a Chevrolet Silverado, a Toyota sedan and a parked Prius.  Cory said one individual, “taken away in an ambulance, was conscious but bleeding from the head.”

Photos coming soon.

UPDATE 5:51 P.M.:

Oliver Cory, our photo reporter, (raced over from the stabbing on Del Norte Street) and captured the scene of the accident.









  • There was a black Chevy Silverado… Little Toyota sedan and the Toyota Prius was parked. No red vehicle was involved. On F and Buhne Sts. One man was pinned in the Toyota corolla… No body else was injured. I was in my house a block away and heard the crash.

  • Good job Oliver!!! Great Photos!

  • Kim – you are nailing it. Excellent coverage all around. Kudos!

  • Your continuing coverage of “events” in Northern Humboldt County is impressive; as we know you are based in the southern part of the county. Thank you for your professional reporting style. It seems like loco is resting on it’s laurels; relying on an obvious, sensational ad-base, and using “reporters” who have an inadequate embrace of basic journalistic ability. Hank and Ryan et al. should review their tactics. They have both accomplished competent and respectable work in the past, but currently You are doing a better job Kym, apparently with fewer resources. Quality and integrity should prevail. Good Luck Kym. Keep smashing the bridge underwhich offensive trolls lurk.

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