Arcata Police Stop Vehicle at Gunpoint, “Much Ado About Nothing”

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About 7:15 this evening, Arcata Police responded to what a spokesman called “much ado about nothing.” Law enforcement stopped a green minivan at gunpoint in the Safety Corridor between Eureka and Arcata. The spokesperson said that an individual led law enforcement to believe that an altercation had happened and suspects with weapons had fled in the van.

“After further investigation, it was not as the victim as reported,” said the spokesperson.



  • Lazy Skunk Ranch

    Can persons file a claim for damages against the cops for pointing weapons at them when it isn’t deserved?

    Scary to think area cops are getting the new machine gun everyone and hate the people you work for mentality.

    Only holding them accountable, and not the municipal corporation, is the only way to end the war on regular people that police are waging.

    • “..when it isn’t deserved”. Assume much? The person reported an assault to the police. The police were told that the man and woman that drove off after the assault had a gun and a knife. Until proven otherwise, getting a gun pointed at them is deserved.

      • Lazy Skunk Ranch

        So people have a fight and it’s okay to escalate it by drawing and pointing firearms at someone? Peace Officers of days gone by would think people should lay off the steroids and tattoos, it’s getting too hard to tell who the good guys are these days.

        You never point a weapon at anything you don’t want to kill is the first rule in firearms. Local cops have no need for training from the IDF, it’s just not American, but seeing how they are part of the welfare state, it’s to be expected they behave this way.

      • Guilty until proven innocent?

        Yeah – cause we as a society abide by the rule guilty until proven innocent. That’s how it goes, right?

  • sooooo, if it was the suspect in question, then weapons would need to be drawn at the van’s window.. ? Regular vehicle stops are the most dangerous..never know what s*** is about to happen..Cops say ‘no brake lights’ driver says..’oh s***, they got me for my murder warrant..They won’t take me alive’
    which side do you want to err on?

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