Our Weather: Dry with an Increased Chance of Wildfire

California parched under the warmest year in recorded history last year–a year which also saw record low precipitation amounts. Last year and this year were the two warmest winters so far. The snowpack this year dropped to near nothing–a record minimum (and 80% lower than the previous record minimum!

We’re predicted to have an above average number of wildfires this summer. (See graph below.)

Of course, we did have those nice rains back in December and again earlier this week. Still, as you can see from the Drought Monitor at the top of the post, California craves water. It desperately needs precipitation and, other than a slight chance of rain tomorrow, no water is predicted to fall through the 20th.


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  • So we got a drought and the county doesn’t like property owners to store in water bags,… an average house fire takes thousands of gallons to put out once blazing nicely.
    What’s the story, they used the same bags to plug the levy that broke south of fortuna, next to the north bound 101 lanes. It sits there just fine since the bag has baffles, no engineering needed since the bag is engineered.
    Yet the county has a problem with property owners using them, what’s the story with this @kymkemp?
    As long as the water is stored in the winter months when rain is falling I don’t see an issue,…
    I’d like to hear some of the counties excuses and justifications on why they don’t like these water bags…

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