Woman Missing Over a Year Contacts KMUD



Jackie Sullivan and her dog, Stella. This photo was used to help the public identify her when she was reported missing.

Terri Klemetson, KMUD’s news director, let us know that Jackie Sullivan, who was reported missing in April of last year contacted her to let her know she was fine.

KMUD’s Facebook page reports their former DJ said that she and her dog,

…recently reunited with family and are in good health. She is grateful to her friends and the folks of Humboldt County for their care, energy, and support of her family in her absence.

Read more here. 

One less missing person!



  • Wow, that’s great news!!!!

  • Yay!

  • It great news shes not missing but WTF leaving your family and freinds hanging for a year not knowing if your alive or dead is cruel shame on you

    • I am pleased she came home. But, really? One phone call to say I am OK was all that was needed to save her family untold amount of dollars, saved the sheriff untold number of dollars. Her actions speak of her maturity and her honesty. Does she really not care for her family and friends? We all have the right to disappear. Does that give us a right to hurt the ones who love the most? She was wrong, wrong and more wrong to be so selfish.

      • No, you in all actuality don’t have any clue what you’re talking about or the history leading up to this article! Who do you think you are coming off like you unequivocally know more than everyone else!? Maybe, if you we’re a closer friend to Jackie you would know something but you don’t. You rely on reporting by people who are just as clueless as you. Jackie Sullivan is an AMAZING and open-hearted person who has volunteered countless hours in many areas locally and reached out to many people and helped them selflessly numerous times, myself being one of them. To this day she is still helping me to keep my life straight and fostering positive and responsible growth within me. So, maybe find another article from to comment on that you also know nothing about. You people disgust me thinking that you understand something you are literally no part of, shame on you! She did nothing wrong!

  • terrific, I don’t know why her disappearance bothered me so, but it did.

    Good luck to her, I hope things are working out well…thanks Kym, we talked about this, then iirc

  • Its good to have a happy ending now and then.

  • Great News .

  • Glad to hear that!!

  • How nice to check in on an annual basis, while your family is worried sick!
    Get out of here!

  • Maybe she had a mental break down and was lost…i hope she is well no matter her readons

  • Remember what happened to Jason Born??
    It’s probably the CIA’s fault

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