[UPDATE 8:18 p.m.] Vegetation Fire Near Giuntoli Lane in Arcata

scannerCrews on scene have confirmed a vegetation fire at 4945 Boyd Road in Arcata behind Eureka Ready Mix. The incident commander described the blaze over the scanner as approximately one quarter to half acre in size, “burning in short green grass up against dry pampas grass.” A third engine has been requested.

UPDATE 8:14 p.m.: Press release and photos provided by Arcata Fire.

IMG_1718 IMG_1717IMG_1715(April 9, 2015)-Shortly after 5:30 this evening, Arcata Fire District responded to a smoke check in the 4900 block of Boyd Road. Dispatch reported receiving multiple calls of a column of smoke in the area.

While responding Assistant Chief (AS) Justin McDonald reported a large column of white smoke in the area of Boyd Road. Once on scene he confirmed it was a vegetation fire that was about one tenth of an acre in size. The fire was burning in short green grass but was moving quickly towards the pampas grass surrounding the area. “Access to this fire was very difficult. We were able to make access by going through the Eureka Ready Mix complex. However, there was a second chain link fence at the back of the property with no proper access. Crews were able to find a space in the fence that had been cut for access from a previous fire” said AC McDonald.

Once access was made, Arcata fire crews deployed hose lines to quickly extinguish the fire. The fire was reportedly contained by 6:00 PM. Arcata fire crews also used hand tools and chainsaws to create a break in the fire line to keep the fire from spreading any further. A CalFire hand crew was called in to assist with the continued efforts of creating a fire break.

At the time of this press release, it appears the fire cause is suspicious in nature. There were two homeless camps found near the fire but the investigation into the cause of the fire is ongoing.

Arcata Fire District responded with one chief officer, three engines and three volunteer firefighters arrived on scene. Humboldt Bay Fire responded with one chief officer and one engine to provide coverage for our fire district.

This fire provides a great reminder that even though we have had some rain in our area, it doesn’t exclude us from dangerous wildfires. There are still areas that are very dry and can burn very hot and very fast. Here are a few things to remember if you are going to have a cooking or warming fire outside;

Have at least 10 feet of clear space around your fire

Keep your fire in a contained unit such a pit or metal BBQ

Never use flammable liquids such as gasoline to start your fire

Always have water or shovel nearby ready to use

Never leave your fire unattended

When you extinguish your fire, push the coals around and soak with water

The Arcata Fire District greatly appreciates any effort on the community’s part to help alleviate the dangers of our upcoming wild fire season.




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