Assault and Robbery in Garberville, Help Find the Suspects

About 3:30 p.m. yesterday, April 9, an employee, Jullian Pree, of the Bootleg clothing store in Garberville attempted to stop a theft of about $500 worth of jeans. A man cut the belt loops of several pairs of jeans that were chained to a stand in front of the store. Then the man jumped in a gold Nissan Sentra. Pree says that when he attempted to stop the suspect, the suspect jumped in the car. The man deliberately struck him with the car, tossing him onto the hood. Luckily, Pree was able to get off the hood safely.

He and the owner of the store, Michelle Bushnell, are asking the public’s help finding the suspects.

Pree describes the young woman passenger accused of helping take the jeans as approximately 190-210 pounds, 5 foot to 5’2″, in her twenties, white with dark hair. She was wearing glasses with dark frames, blue jeans and a black v-neck shirt over a white undershirt.

The driver, a white male in his mid to late twenties, Pree says, has buzz cut blonde hair, blue eyes and a chip in his front tooth. He was wearing a white t-shirt. The two fled in a gold Nissan Sentra from the mid 90’s with a license plate of 6YW?66? (See photos below.)

560px-1995-1996_Nissan_Maxima_--_03-21-2012They were last seen headed north on Hwy 101.

Anyone seeing these two is urged to report them to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office or dial 911.




  • I’m glad Julian is ok. Scary and wrong!

  • Incidents like this are why we need Measure Z money to be spent on manning the County Sheriff station 24 hours per day. Measure Z was sold to us who live in Southern Humboldt with this possibility in mind. I would go further and request that in addition to manning the station 24 hours per day, that we install closed circuit cameras at various places in town, especially the town square, with the feeds going back to the substation and recorded. Lately, I’ve been hearing about turf wars between meth dealers going down in the square and I find this totally unacceptable. The presence of video cameras would go a long way in cleaning up this town.

  • They are going to try and sell the jeans for money so they can buy drugs. Where does one sell jeans ? on the street in Eureka ? in bulk to Picky Picky Picky ? these people will be easy to find if one looks.

    • its come to this???

      Swap meet, consignment store, pawn shop, etc… Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a system where police could report stolen items directly to pawn shops? Maybe theres one now but when my laptop was stolen years ago I had to go to the local pawn shops and give the serial number& description even with a sheriff report filed.

  • If the car in the picture is the actual car then it is obviously a Nissan MAXIMA.
    If it was truely a Sentra then display a picture of the right vehicle people should be looking for.

  • As neighbors and a fellow store owner, WE are so sick of thieves, drunks, tweakers and other assorted bad behavior people. Take your bad behavior somewhere else. We, the business owners of Garberville, will not take it any longer!

  • That looks just like the car I witnessed that hit him.

  • The right to bear arm would have ended this shoplifter right then.Please no more cameras they certainly don’t stop crime in the cities..look at Chicago!

    • More guns never solve anything. Cameras won’t completely stop crime but they sure help deter it. There’s a good reason why banks, convenience stores, and gas stations all use cameras.

      In your universe, the shop owner would have shot and killed some guy for stealing bluejeans. Killing someone, even in self-defense, is a lot to live with for the rest of your life.

      Your assertion of more guns certainly hasn’t helped in Chicago, that’s for sure.

      • you jump conclusions…this is not a Spaghetti Western movie where everyone shoot everyone….
        Who says one has to kill with gun…just the sight of one will get the point across and better yet if everyone had guns, shoplifters would think twice and that’s the idea…deterrence…not murder!
        Let not dramatize to make a point.

  • Hard for me to believe these scoundrels are everywhere, even Garberville…. So sad too see all the crime even in the outback. Is it time to get a Vigilante group together and patrol the streets? Just a question. PJ

  • [edit] they know that no one is stepping forward and will continue to pillage our small community and tear us all apart,hate to say it but the time has come and something needs to be done about it now

  • So sad to see Garberville in this sad state. It’s sad to see all the signs up everywhere and in shop windows – no loitering, no public bathroom, 1 hour limit to enjoy yourself at the town square, all in reaction to the scumbags that have infiltrated Southern Humboldt. I am glad that law enforcement is more active, hope they keep it up.

  • Ashley Williams-Brookens

    Check the photos from Chautauqua’s surveillance camera (ask manager) of a couple, similar description, shoplifting. A few good still shots of them. Maybe a long shot, but on the off-chance you can get a good picture, might be worth a look.

  • Business owners and concerned citizens should establish a fund to hire a private security to patrol 24/7. Folks have done this in more affluent areas in the Bay Area and it seems to be working. I wouldn’t count on Eureka for any help, their busy shipping all their ne’er-do-well’s South as is!

  • Pretty sure, by your description that I saw these two at the playground in Manila a couple weeks back. They have a two-year-old daughter & a little yip dog.
    When I saw them they were going through a couple trash bags of clothing in their trunk. Thought maybe they had taken them from a thrift store drop off.
    Don’t know of these two are from NoHum or SoHum, but they get around it seems.

  • [edit]
    This town is tired of the scumbags that think coming here and hanging around while being disrespectful , drunk , high and dirty is going to get them hired somewhere. The Europeans that came through last year are decent, clean and respectful, take a good look scumbags, get out of humboldt and go be high and drunk somewhere else!

    • I agree! Its sad for the true travelers as well, those on a true adventure do not linger. I traveled on a bus and we never stopped in towns to beg, only to buy groceries as we sold handmade items and worked festivals along the way. We never slept in towns either, we found campgrounds, friends places, etc. It makes me sik seeing these folks call themselves travelers! It is also sad to see such a giving community get so taken advantage of by these disrespectful folks. Theres only so much the community can take. I hate seeing the generations who helped build this area and founded things like reggae that bring huge tourism tax dollars to the county getting the usual minimal help from the county. If people were constantly crapping in doorways of businesses on the arcata plaza you can bet fast action would be taken instead of the cops saying theres not much they can do. I would guess that the redwood run and reggae put a bunch of money into the tourism coffers; if the county values that then some serious steps need to be taken before those events this year!!

  • If that’s a correct description of te plate it should be pretty easy to find the ower of the car. That can be narrowed down thru computer and the DMV data.

  • Why did we vote a tax on ourself if the funds
    Are not helping us. The whole tax thing was a scam

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