Record Breaking Rain Yesterday in Eureka, Snow in Interior Mountains

Get a lot of rain or snow at your house yesterday?

The US National Weather Service in Eureka reports that two previous precipitation records broke for April 6. Eureka had 1.66″ of rain which trounced the standing record of 1.28″ on that date which has stood since 1891! But Crescent City went to a whole new level! The coastal town got 2.49″ of rain yesterday and the previous record on that date was only 1.3″.


Graphic courtesy of the US National Weather Service in Eureka.

A winter weather Advisory has been issued for the interior mountains above 3500 feet. Four to five inches of accumulation are possible above 4500′. The US National Weather Service would like your snow reports. Post them here and you can check out snow photos uploaded by other Northwest California folks. (Gorgeous photo from Covelo! Kneeland had a dusting, too.)

We’re loving this wet weather!



  • What a wonderful storm!

  • Yep! I’ve had over four inches so far since Sunday!

  • Love it. Storage is overflowing. Doing all the washing projects right now.

  • 3 inches here since Sunday. Ground is saturated and the creek is running full from bank to bank with all its tributaries. The salamanders and peepers (frogs) seem happy about it all. Moss dripping from the big leaf maples, newly vibrant ferns springing up and out. The cliff swallows and bats have recently been showing up right on schedule.

    Yeah, loving it all. Fresh clean air and water! What a beautiful day.

  • I kept looking at the NWS precipitation figure… which was .4″ all day yesterday… and I’m goin’, dudes! This is so seriously more than .4″! It didn’t stop raining all day or all night. I couldn’t get to sleep last night until it was nearly dawn and it was raining noisily the whole time… thank goodness.

    • That 1.66″ is through midnight and is just for that 24 hour period. I can attest that it was raining like hell at midnight in Eureka and for a few hours after that.

  • Made the Eureka run today. Could tell it had dumped up there. The Van Duzen is a real river again. Eureka Muni has its usual lakes on the links post rain look.

  • I noticed Hookton Road exit had closed due to flooding of Salmon Creek (near Humboldt Bay).

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