Breaking News: Man Allegedly Tried to Strangle Dog, Fired Shots after Fleeing Owner

imageservletKIPAccording to Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, law enforcement is on the lookout for Kip Branson of Blocksburg who allegedly fired three shots at a woman as she fled across the Alderpoint Bridge. The incident was reported at approximately 3:50 p.m. today.

According to the victim, Branson accused her of burning down his home. The woman said that Branson reached into the car, grabbed her dog and tried to strangle it. As she fled in her car, Branson, allegedly fired three rounds at her. The woman was uninjured.

Branson is 5’9″, 165 pounds, with brown hair and brown eyes. (See mugshot from 2010 on the left.) He is associated with a four-door, silver sedan of an unknown make and model.

Taylor says the suspect should be considered armed and dangerous. The public is advised to immediately call 911 if he is spotted.



  • Did Kip Branson report the fire as arson?

  • He has family here in Hayfork who would hide him possibly

    • Lazy Skunk Ranch

      That’s why people in Hayfork never get in any trouble- everyone is related by blood or herpes!

    • Please stop with your rumours. … It is just not needed. And also. You really should be quite about certain things. Its not good especially hayfork. I heard its a town that really doesn’t like rumOurs. I’m sure the family would appreciate it. Thank you

      • Threat noted, thanks!

        • i don’t remember a threat being made? I’m just advising you to stop making a fool of yourself. you know how foolish you look sitting here talking rubbish. something you know nothing about? Just what the rumors of the press? Ha. Someone needs to throw on there big girl panties and grow up. Not even talking about this guys situation. I’ve heard slot about you. From my son and others. You and your son actually. If you want to talk about threats. How about the one were you threaten my buddy’s son and him about you beating him up. And your son beating up his. I never made a threat. I think you are just someone who is scared of his own shadow and is looking over his shoulder all the time for being a cop caller Thank you.I am done. Now

    • QUIT TELLING [edit]!!!

  • Kip is famous for his poor taste in women.

  • It looks like a few of “his women” have poor taste in men…

  • He’s not too tough weighing in at a puny 165lbs.
    I’ll … call the sheriff john brown!

  • But – how is the dog?

  • She probably did it for his EX FRIEND, … who just went to jail.
    She is a bad person, taunts him constantly, not to mention was sleeping around with tons of men! Check myers ave. Eureka!

  • I bet
    she did! Since Andy was sleeping with her and kip broke his windows in his house out last year! What a circle of stupidness! I wouldn’t doubt Andy asked her to! Karma I guess! Kips been fighting with her forever. She’s no good!

  • Key word being ALLEGEDLY! It didn’t happen. She definitely just said that to turn police attention onto Kip and away from her and her daughter. The Dog is fine, because it just didn’t even happen.

  • You know, I’m inclined to believe that. Shady chick, been tweaking for far too long.

  • Why dont they put that POS in jail and throw away the fuckin key

  • I appreciate those of you that know the to far gone woman for what she is.
    The family thanks you for understanding the hell her family has inflicted on his some things can’t be replaced and some women just can’t let go. [edit]

    • Exactly! Some things can’t be replaced! And it wasn’t just kips house that was burnt to the ground, it was also the house next to his :/ arson is a seriously thing and this woman runs around acting like no one in the entire world matters except for her self ! She only cares about feeding her drug addiction! Her disregard for her children is disgusting and they deserve much better. Kip cared more about them than she even does ! There were children in one of the homes that burned down, and luckily they got out safe! But her behavior is unexceptable! And What she is accusing Kip of, never happened. The whole thing is sickening !

  • I hope [edit] gets what she deserves!

  • I’m trying to get a hold of kip. I know who she did it for. [edit] Hopefully she gets what she deserves. He needs to let the fire dept. Collect evidence so they can get her for it. She needs to be dealt with, this I know. Kip was there for me once when I was sliced across my chest, and I know he isn’t all that bad of a person. Hopefully he knows where to find me so I can discuss this with him. I’m sure he wasn’t even shooting a gun, she probably just lied about it to get him thrown in jail. He needs to defend himself!

    • One thing I know about Kip is he doesn’t want any trouble he is honest and loyal and always willing to help someone if they need help she needs to just leave him alone hopefully the fire departments investigation will be able to hold her responsible for what she’s done and hopefully Kip can rebuild his life in peace.

  • ok this is the womans daughter erecia [edit–No accusations of illegal behavior without proof] really ppl do you REALLY THINK KIP IS A LOYAL NICE PERSON FUCKING REALLY?!!!!???!!! Whatever you giys dont mo what has been and has happend for so long kip never cared about us he was to obsessed woth my mom and wouldnt leave her alone so yeah if you really want to no ehat happend give me a messege ok thanks!!!!

    • maddalann shinn

      kip is not a fucking good person he is a fucked up littie boy .and did not love us at all he was very mean to my sister and brother.i did not burn the fucking house down .it has kids liveing in the house next to kips.

  • Kip is an honest, and extremely loyal person,at least to those of us who have it coming, to those who do not, well ?

  • Hilarious comments from those that know him. Every comment was littered with grammatical errors, which would indicate that they are uneducated trash. Oh lets not forget he recently got busted with heroin and meth.

  • I think kip is awesome. You don’t have to second guess him always straight forward very polite. He rocks.

  • Well , how did this turn out ? I know Kips sisters , Kim ,, Katrina and Kaylem , free spirits all of them .
    Kip did have a History of shooting , back in the ’90’s at Redway Liquor , went to prison for a bit .
    However , this scenario seems a bit of Tweekerville , so who can say what really went down
    in that hood . BTW , Kaylem , how doing Girlfriend ? I still have a Hicky you gave my Neck .
    tee hee .

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