Sunday–Snow Sticking on Hwy 299/Hail on 101


Red marker indicates roughly where the snow covers the road.

Snow’s falling in them thar hills.

Just before 6 p.m., CHP dispatch relayed a request for a snowplow on Lord Ellis Summit. Snow was sticking and conditions were reported to be dangerous. If you don’t have to head east, please avoid the area.

UPDATE 7:17 p.m.: Scanner reports hail on 299 at Lord Ellis Summitt.

In another area, hail showers have repeatedly hit Hwy 101 by Crescent City. Be careful if you must drive in the area.

The local Twitter stream embedded at the bottom of our Home Page has frequent updates from the National Weather Service out of Eureka which is doing an outstanding job of keeping note of weather in our area. Here’s an example:

UPDATE 7:30 p.m.: Scanner indicates multiple rock falls on Hwy 96 from Hoopa to Willow Creek.



  • I’m dreaming of a white Easter.

  • I guess the hail missed me, and didn’t see any snow up on the hills before it got dark, but there’s been rain on and off, mostly on, all the way through from yesterday. Some thunder tonight that rattled my great grampa’s barbershop mirrors. Those puppies are HEAVY, with metal backing and everything. I almost thought it was one of those earthquakes that sound like a bomb went off, but it rolled too much and the mirrors only rattled for the crack in the rolling thunder.

    I’ve had to resort to turning my heater on today. House keeps dipping down to 49º and getting through my sweaters if I don’t let the heater spin my meter. Dammit.

  • Snow on Pratt Mt. Monday am

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