UPDATE 9:13 PM–Now Three Structures on Fire Near Blocksburg

scannerAccording to scanner traffic, there is a residential fire on Cemetery Road in Blocksburg. There is a structure fire spreading to nearby vegetation. Black smoke inside the building and flames visible outside the building.

UPDATE 7:01 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates there are three structure on fire as well as surrounding vegetation.

UPDATE 7:31 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates that power lines are down and local fire engine is out of water.

UPDATE 7:45 p.m.: Confirmed multi-structure fire. Calfire, Alderpoint, Fruitland Ridge and Redway Fire at the scene.

UPDATE 7:55 p.m.: We received this video with the tagline “Blocksburg is on fire!!”


UPDATE 8:23 p.m.: Residents including some with children seeking assistance from Red Cross.

UPDATE 8:26 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, crews are getting the fire under control.

UPDATE 8:52 p.m.: Fire is controlled! Thank goodness!

UPDATE 9:13 p.m.: According to Larz Ringo, a local resident, “Our community pulled together really quick. Everyone was helping. The first responders were awesome.”  Unfortunately, Ringo said, the water pressure was very weak. It was difficult to fight the fire. Several homes were burned totally or damaged.

“For sure two houses got burned down,” Ringo said. “One got badly scorched.” He noted that one resident was gone when the fire started. “We helped save his goats but by the time he showed up, his whole house was charcoals,” he said.   The community is rallying to help the displaced family. “We left some food,” Ringo said, “and we’re going to bring back some diapers later.”

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  • I was in Blocksburg earlirr this year. Cemetary road is a serious disaster area. There are only a couple of homes on it and if they burn it will only be an improvement. I am very sorry if people are made homeless but if they didn’t pile garbage and firewood and junk of every description next to the dwellings perhaps this would not have occured.

    • [edit]. Get a grip and have some compassion people lost everything they own.Just for your information two historical buildings in our community burnt today. You speak as if your not from this area of the woods so maybe you should just stay in the city where a trash truck comes and hauls off your trash. For those that live in rural areas they haul their own trash to the dump. Who the hell are you to judge?

    • That is a disgusting comment. I don’t see how children losing their home is an “improvement”. This could have happened to anyone. I hope you don’t one day suffer a great tragedy and have to hear people’s heartless and ignorant comments.

  • Good coverage Kym, thanks. Glad no one was hurt.

  • yes, thank you kym. we know how busy you are, and i appreciate the time you budget into letting us know what’s happening in our corner.

    may i also say that when you left lcop it seems most of the ppl who post (and maybe those who were reading) have made an exodus to parts unknown. tis not the same. *sigh*
    g’day and g’fortune!

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  • gregg cleaver

    To all you supporters of my friend Kip I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart. To all others, eat a big bowl of dick! Hey Kip try to get hold of me, sorry I missed you yesterday, if I’m not at home you can try next door to Clyde’s towing on Rohnerville rd.

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