Criminalist from Bodhi Tree Trial Files Sex Discrimination Lawsuit

criminialistAccording to John Chiv’s blog, Deborah Stonebarger, a criminalist who has testified in local trials filed a suit against the state of California in the Humboldt Superior Court. Chiv says, she alleges “discrimination on the basis of sex” by her supervisor.  Stonebarger’s supervisor signed papers “concerning documented deficiencies in Stonebarger’s performance” which became an issue during the murder trial of Bodhi Tree.

Chiv has details of the lawsuit here.



  • Kym,

    Thanks for the support and link. It will be interesting to see if DOJ responds at all.

  • Gee… it would be nice to know the whole story. So many questions.

    • Ernie, what makes you so sure that you don’t have the facts? Seems to be you are reacting to who wrote the story or maybe your bias against the Stonebargers? Questions go both ways. Your comment is very personal for someone who is not involved in the courts or the situation in any way.

      • Methinks thou dost protest too much. No insult was intended, nor have I chosen a side. If all the facts are in, I guess there is no need for a trial.
        You did a very fine article, my compliments, but it will be interesting to see what everybody else says… even if they are wrong.
        Discrimination, of all kinds, stinks. However, if I was the jury I would want to hear the whole story.

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