Weather Report–A Little Rain Here and There

A little rain Monday through Wednesday and some light rain possible this Easter weekend. Today’s weather forecast courtesy of the US National Weather Service in Eureka.

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  • Thank you for posting the weather report.It is a nice addition.
    Wonder where i could find out if the coast is foggy or not…?

  • With the uncertainty of rain and future drought, why voulenteer to give your most precious rescource away? Water.

    Do not let the state or our representatives convience you that your water use and practices are sucking the rivers dry.
    Without factual data supporting their claim this appears to be a propaganda driven resource grab in the name of the “environment”.

    According to the latest study the average Californian household consumes a average of 131,400 gal water per year.

    If you live rurally then you know your actual consumption is a fraction of that number.

    The Feds are making moves to control all of our land and resources right out from under our noses. This time it will be in the name of “salmonoids”.

    • Domestic water use in California is more than a drop in the bucket, but if you are wondering who wants to protect their share of the water look to the biggest users of California’s annual water supply: the meat and dairy industry uses 30% (much of that to grow alfalfa for feed) and almond growing uses 10%, so half of California’s agricultural use of 80% of the total water budget goes to those two segments alone. You can bet those industry groups are lobbying the governments and politicians hard.

      With such wide-ranging bureaucratic niches in both the State and Federal governments it’s no surprise that they work at cross purposes. While some agencies are responsible to make sure the environment is healthy enough to support the salmon, others are trying to keep farmer’s in business. So in a drought when the amount of water that has fallen as snow or rain is scarce there’s bound to be squabbling over who is going to get short-changed. If land is taken out of agricultural production people don’t die, they can move, but if rivers are excessively diverted the fish do die and some of the runs face extinction.

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