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So you’ve probably heard of Twitter and you may wonder if you are missing out on something. Truth is, you are. But you don’t need a Twitter account to fix the problem.  Redheaded Blackbelt’s got what you need to glean the best without having to do anything more than scroll to the bottom of our home page.

On the left, I’ve directed top news accounts from around the world to send us their latest information. You can see at a glance what stories are most important right now. Check here to see breaking news, politics and pieces of interest from top media organizations. (See photo snip of our national news feed below.)

A snip of what showed on our Twitter National Feed at 11:15 a.m. on Sunday, March 29. Click on green links in the feed to go to stories. 


On the right, tweets from local media, organizations, government agencies and photographers are at your fingertips. Check it out a couple times a day to stay on top of the latest tidbit. Or just scroll down and see what you find when the mood strikes you. (See a snip of our local, curated feed here. Note: HSU’s Softball sweeps Tournament! And the lovely local photo by Bob Doran as well as the link to information about an accident from CHP dispatch and a story in the Times Standard. )

Twitter local
A snip of of what’s rolling on our curated local Twitter feed.


So scroll to the bottom of Redheaded Blackbelt and see what’s rolling in our neighborhood and across the nation.


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