Bomb-bot Sent After “Foreign Object” at Figueiredo’s


About 3:40 p.m., an employee at Figueiredo’s Video Store on Harris spotted a suspicious object. Jeff Friedman Shift Supervisor at Figueiredo’s described the item as a long tubular thing with wires or colored string coming out of it.

Law enforcement closed the store and employees were eventually asked to vacate the building. “There were cop cars blocking the store,” said Friedman. Harris and Union Streets were blocked.

“We heard a bang around 6:45 p.m. [It was] the Bombbot doing its job,” he added.


Mark Milligan, who provided the photos to the RB, described the sound as “pretty loud but not as loud as the booms.”

Friedman said that the item appeared to have been innocuous. “Tonight,” he said, “We’ll be watching the Hurt Locker.”

The store is open for business and law enforcement, he said, have left.



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