Trash Bash: Pick Up and Party

Yesterday, over twenty adults and kids joined in a community-wide cleanup that stretched from Tooby Park to north of Redway. The volunteers topped off a twenty foot dumpster in a few hours.

Dump Full

Full dumpster. [Photo by Brian St. Clair.]

 They made this


Wooded area north of Redway. [Photo by Brian St. Clair.]

 look like this!


Beautiful! [Photo by Brian St. Clair.]

Students from Salmon Creek Community School learned about helping others

Dump kdis (1 of 1)

Members of Salmon Creek Community School with Brian St. Clair. [Photo by Kym Kemp.]

And like all the volunteers,


Some of the volunteers. [Photo by Brian St. Clair.]

 they exercised


Kym Kemp (yep, that’s me) with Wyatt Leach. [Photo by Brian St. Clair.]

 and explored the wonders around them–natural

Dumpcreature (1 of 1)

Wild critter.
[Photo by Kym Kemp.]

and man-made.

Dumpexplore (1 of 1)

Marian Del Rio reads the graffiti under a bridge while Brian St. Clair explains about earlier cleanup efforts in the area. [Photo by Kym Kemp.]

You can join the team by going to a party! How cool is that? Just come to the Mateel today, dance and check out all the things to do to help support the cleanup efforts.

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  • That’s a lot of Trash! Great Job!

  • First off I would like to say to all those children (& adults, I’ll get to you guys in a moment) what a wonderful job you all did, thank you. That being said, I must now ask the question, how could anyone let these little children around such filth? Yes this place needs to be cleaned up and the unwelcome trash needs to be cleared out, but we should not be using child labor to do so! There are needles people! There is human feces everywhere, and what do you think a homeless women adds to the festering slurry? As adults we may be more concerned and aware of our surroundings there for we are safer then the little ones who are merely following orders from mom and/or dad who clearly have good intention but there is no need to risk the life of a child for those who chose to throw there’s away! There has got to be another way

    • Dear Shocked, the students went on a carefully supervised tour (only two kids for each adult.) They were not allowed to pick up trash in the worst areas. We provided them with a careful explanation of what not to touch. They were provided with thick gloves AND told only to use the pickup stick grabbers to touch any trash. The kids were careful and they learned a great deal. I know because my son was one of the boys there. I’m proud that he is learning that the way to deal with problems is to learn the dangers, find appropriate protection, use it and then fix the problem. I want my kids to be the part of the problem solvers of the world. The only way to get stronger physically is to exercise muscles. The only way to get strong enough to deal with society’s ills is to flex the mental muscles needed to prepare kids to be adults.

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